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Sunday, September 05, 2004

The last supper ...

Literally the last supper, days that follow tomorrow might not be the same late nights staying out hanging around like a kid anymore. It will be my first day at work and I would think life won't be just as same anymore. I intend to wake up at 6am tomorrow therefore I will be going to sleep in a little while so as to get my 8 hours of much needed sleep.

The days leading to this have been spent shopping for clothes. I'm practically broke after filling up my petrol tank today. Thank God my paycheque from the piano school arrived today so I suppose my RM50 ought to keep me alive till Wednesday at least. Not to worry Shuh Huei .. I will definitely pay you back as soon as the Cheque clears and I find some time to meet up with you. E&Y is in Damansara Heights right? Although we won't be working very near each other, I'm sure we could find time over the weekends to meet up ya!

Shopping should be made an olympic event. The challenge would be to shop for clothes that flatter and look good that costs within a certain budget given a certain time limit. It was tough going shopping as I'm spoilt for choice, quality and price everywhere I go. I suppose what Jess said about me being choosy is true as I am rather choosy about buying clothes.

Anyway ... Nothing much besides shopping happened over the weekend and I think its time for me to take a shower and then get some beauty sleep. I hope to have an eventful and interesting day tomorrow. Wish Me LucK!!!!


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