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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A collage

collage1 copy
Originally uploaded by Jojo Lowe.
This is what I do when I'm bored at work. Do a picture collage. Well work is rather busy when I've got things to do yet extremely boring when there's nothing to be done.

Life has been pretty ok for me ... with me being busy with work most of the time. There is nothing else in my life right now ... apart from Sean who brings the occasional cheer to my life but I don't exactly see him 24/7 so I depend on the mere thought of him for cheer.

Things between me and Sean are not exactly complex yet there isn't much to say about it right now. We're not in a relationship yet but we've been seeing each other about 2-3 times a week to "yumcha" or watch movies or stuff like that. I suppose we're picking up things from where we left off yet there are certain issues that still need to be addressed before there can be a solid say as to whether we will ever get together in future.

Enough about my sappy love life ... my birthday is around the corner and I've shortlisted a few items I would LIKE to receive though I know it will only be a mere dream that will not come true this birthday ... and here goes
1) a mobile phone(anything newer then my current 8210)
2) a Kancil
3) lifetime supply of ciggies
4) a boyfriend
5) a RM3000/month job
6) a sugar daddy that would cover all of the above

Pretty simple ... I'm materialistic .. well I'm turning into one that is. We're living in a rat race .. you either join the race or go to the middle east and be a missionary. Heck even housewives have their own politics ...

Oh well .... life .... for now, life for me is work-sleep-foos-find a guy ........ and find money of course!

I think I would be getting busy anytime soon so I'll just end this here .. till next time. Adieu


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