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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A collage

collage1 copy
Originally uploaded by Jojo Lowe.
This is what I do when I'm bored at work. Do a picture collage. Well work is rather busy when I've got things to do yet extremely boring when there's nothing to be done.

Life has been pretty ok for me ... with me being busy with work most of the time. There is nothing else in my life right now ... apart from Sean who brings the occasional cheer to my life but I don't exactly see him 24/7 so I depend on the mere thought of him for cheer.

Things between me and Sean are not exactly complex yet there isn't much to say about it right now. We're not in a relationship yet but we've been seeing each other about 2-3 times a week to "yumcha" or watch movies or stuff like that. I suppose we're picking up things from where we left off yet there are certain issues that still need to be addressed before there can be a solid say as to whether we will ever get together in future.

Enough about my sappy love life ... my birthday is around the corner and I've shortlisted a few items I would LIKE to receive though I know it will only be a mere dream that will not come true this birthday ... and here goes
1) a mobile phone(anything newer then my current 8210)
2) a Kancil
3) lifetime supply of ciggies
4) a boyfriend
5) a RM3000/month job
6) a sugar daddy that would cover all of the above

Pretty simple ... I'm materialistic .. well I'm turning into one that is. We're living in a rat race .. you either join the race or go to the middle east and be a missionary. Heck even housewives have their own politics ...

Oh well .... life .... for now, life for me is work-sleep-foos-find a guy ........ and find money of course!

I think I would be getting busy anytime soon so I'll just end this here .. till next time. Adieu

Saturday, September 25, 2004

I'm Back ..... Or so I THINK

I'm sitting here in a boring room,
Its just another sunny saturday morning,
I'm wasting my time I've got nothing to do,
I'm hanging around, waiting for you
But nothing ever happens .... and I wonder

Good morning. I've been dragged into the office on a beautiful saturday morning to work when its not even a working day! Oh well ... I hope by working this week I'll get next saturday off so that I can PartEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the night away. I'm still waiting to go to Zouk where I can kacau Matthias and also go out with Euji and show him clubbing ... my style :)

Just as I thought I could spend some time updating my blog, the designer decides to traipse in to work making me busy for the next half of the day. Oh well ... I'm here to work now right?

Client is a big bitch. She needs the material for her meeting on Monday MORNING thats why we need to work today just to finish the job for her. Don't have much of a choice ... clients are bitches.

I guess work has been fine with me. I'm begining to blend in with the gang and my superiors and co-workers are pretty much cool. I hope things run smoothly and maybe I'll just stay on the job. For now, I need to go sit next to the mac and play copywriter. Till then ...

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Too Tired to write

Well life's a bitch and we ALL know it. My car decided to break down yesterday making me transportless for a couple of days. Ju wanted to be my driver but I ended up calling Daniel to hitch a ride from him.

I'm in the office right now ... bored ... tired .... sleepy .......... I guess I just want to go home and knockout (as and when I get my chance to go home. Well ... sorry for not updating you guys as often anymore but I will try my utmost best to write more frequently K?

By the way ... any of you girls who are single and bored? got a mixed lengchai called Euji to introduce to you. Let me know k ? *huggies*

Sunday, September 12, 2004


I cut more hair today. Decided that its time for me to go for at least a little style in my hair so I dedicated some one hour of my time today to get most of my hair layered. I think Karen (the stylist) did a good and detailed job. I think it would look superb if I highlighted some parts of it but I guess I'll just stick to black for the moment.

Work has been fun although tiring. I was sent to deliver some artwork to Wangsa Maju on Thursday and then Daniel (my manager) took me to Klang to see our main client there. The drive to Klang was pretty long and I dread imagining the long journeys there.... as they are a main client ... I'm predicting a trip there at LEAST once a day, 3 times a week.

The challenge of my job - to make everyone happy. It’s tough being the one in the middle. As the servicing person, I'm required to be a negotiator, listener, motivator, instructor, translator and etc. The worst is getting bitched at by clients and then an earful from the designers. *sigh* Looks like its going to be a tough journey for me.

Friday came and I was pretty surprised to finish early. Got home at about 7.30 and had some dinner before heading out to OUG to deliver tarts to Aunty Ainul and then headed to Subang for Foos. Ended up in Sean’s place to lepak and watch some movies before heading home the next morning.

Got home and mom was waiting for me … decided to mop sweep and mop the floor and then took a shower and went to Sri Petaling to get my cheque sorted out. Ended up at the salon initially for a wash and eventually got a cut on top of that.

Came home to have lunch and lepakked in front of the PC for a while. Sean was busy so we didn’t get to go watch AvP and I took a nap. Woke up by an SMS from Sean asking me to get ready to go out to KL to see some one and then went back to his place to watch Footie and have dinner with his Mommy(well kinda). Headed to Subang at around 11 to foos at Rack and then got home an hour ago (12.30)

Gotta work tomorrow … will go sleep now. Good Night

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


YAY! I made it to and through day 2 yet again. It would be rather necessary for me to prove my punctuality by arriving on time to work. There is no point in arriving early at the office as Nicole (who opens up) only arrives just before 9am.

Just got home from the mamak with Sean. He misses me … OWWW how sweet *giggle*

Woke up at about 7.30 this morning and jumped into the shower to start my daily routine. Started the car at about 8 and was out by 8.10am. Arrived promptly at 8.50 and the office wasn’t open yet so I took a stroll over to 7-11 to get the papers and then stopped by the nasi lemak stall outside that to get a packet of breakfast.

Clocked in at 8.59am and ate my nasi lemak while reading the NST. Finished that and crossed checked some work before Vin Sie got in and Gan too not long after. They were hungry and none of the bosses were in so we casually went down to the mamak from some foodie. Roy (another designer) arrived just as we were about to ascend to the office and decided to join him for round 2 at that same mamak at that same table (they haven’t even cleared the cups yet). We chatted a little before Nicole called saying that Daniel called saying that there was work to be rushed. Gan went up first followed by Vin Sie and Me and then Roy came up not long after.

Sat with Vin Sie for a while observing her work almost till lunchtime. We had lunch at some Chinese restaurant (RESTAURANT not KOPITIAM). Lunch cost me 6.40 because I ordered one of the cheapest (RM5.00) dish on the menu (Singapore Bee Hoon) and a Chinese Tea. Everyone except Ryan was there.

Went back to the office and continued to hang around Vin Sie. Daniel briefed me on what the client said that morning and I proceeded to cross check some information and photocopied what I need for next week’s job. My PC arrived today after lunch. Didn’t get to touch it too soon as I had to finish some work first. It’s a Dell, don’t quite remember the specs but how bad can a new PC possibly get right???

As soon as I set up the pc, I proceeded to type something out and then was in and out of the photography studio looking for products to be photographed. Doesn’t sound like I did much right? Well my day really started after lunch so it wasn’t too bad after all. Daniel is gradually handing over the account to me so tomorrow I’ve got to prepare for next week’s job already. My grammar is all over the place … I’m tired … Remind me to pack an ashtray. I get to smoke at my desk. Cool or what??? Hoping to get a network connection soon …….. Selamat Malam!

Monday, September 06, 2004

No More Stilletoes!!

First day at work and I already stayed till 9. Thank God for mothers as they never fail to have such punctuality to wake you up when you’re supposed to. My alarm clock rang a tad too early which sent me snoozing till about 7 when mom stormed into my room to kick my A**. Got up and about and was out of the house by 7.45

Expected a heavy traffic flow seeing that it’s a Monday but there wasn’t much jam along the Federal Highway until I reached Dewan Bahasa. I suddenly remembered a back route David Tall took me on before and that took me to the Pandan Roundabout and thence to work by 8.15. I was extremely early so I bought the papers and had a cuppa before heading up to the office at 8.50 or so.

Nicole, the operations manager attended to me and saw that I signed the agreement and took me on a tour of the office. Nothing great about the place … the company is called Monogram Concepts and it’s a rather small and basic Ad Agency. It has one major client that simply keeps everyone on their toes all the time. The company consists of 10 people including myself. Most of the people including the MD are pretty much young … with Ryan (The MD) looking not more than 35 years of age.

Well the first day blues were over by lunch when I warmed up to most of the people there. I’m glad to have a familiar face to turn to in the office. Vin Sie was a senior in college and she happens to work there too. She’s also glad to have another gal pal in the company as there was only her and Nicole previously.

Daniel is a little cool and Ryan is nice. I was pretty much comfortable by the end of the day and I did not hesitate to stay longer then expected as I felt comfy there. I keep thinking that I’m an intern and I don’t deserve much attention then I kick myself and realize that I’m not just an intern … I’m an Executive (WOOHOO!!!) The position is a newly formed one so there wasn’t even a desk for me when I got there. I was lucky though, as the desk arrived after lunch and Nicole gave me a small pen stand with some stationary for me to start off with. I am expecting a PC to arrive within these few days. I think there will be a network connection for me but my boss sits right behind me so I doubt there will be much chance for me to even switch on my MSN at work. Oh well … It doesn’t bother me much. I’m there to work remember???

Anyway … I think I will snuggle under the covers and eventually fall asleep. Adieu !!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

The last supper ...

Literally the last supper, days that follow tomorrow might not be the same late nights staying out hanging around like a kid anymore. It will be my first day at work and I would think life won't be just as same anymore. I intend to wake up at 6am tomorrow therefore I will be going to sleep in a little while so as to get my 8 hours of much needed sleep.

The days leading to this have been spent shopping for clothes. I'm practically broke after filling up my petrol tank today. Thank God my paycheque from the piano school arrived today so I suppose my RM50 ought to keep me alive till Wednesday at least. Not to worry Shuh Huei .. I will definitely pay you back as soon as the Cheque clears and I find some time to meet up with you. E&Y is in Damansara Heights right? Although we won't be working very near each other, I'm sure we could find time over the weekends to meet up ya!

Shopping should be made an olympic event. The challenge would be to shop for clothes that flatter and look good that costs within a certain budget given a certain time limit. It was tough going shopping as I'm spoilt for choice, quality and price everywhere I go. I suppose what Jess said about me being choosy is true as I am rather choosy about buying clothes.

Anyway ... Nothing much besides shopping happened over the weekend and I think its time for me to take a shower and then get some beauty sleep. I hope to have an eventful and interesting day tomorrow. Wish Me LucK!!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Jojo got a job!

I was awoken by a phone call from Monogram telling me that I got the AE job there! I shouted to mom the minute I hung up. I said “MOM I GOT A JOB” and so loud I’m sure the neighbors could hear me. Mom got a fright and thought I said “MOM I GOT KILLED” *giggle*

It was a blessing … My prayers were answered. I must say a big thank you to Jess especially for giving me all the advice I could possibly get and to Juju my sis for being a great sister by providing all the possible answers to my never ending whining. Thanks to all my friends who have helped me look out for jobs and thanks to mom for nagging me till I found a job.

I’m supposed to be in the kitchen baking cookies right now but I couldn’t wait to tell the whole world the good news so I guess I’ll either bake later or just procrastinate till Friday.

After the call this morning, I was just jumping in joy and then cousin came over to collect rent. Came back up and bombarded my sister with more questions and then took a shower and went for lunchie with mommy. After lunch we went to Amcorp where mom went to pay the bills and I went to EPF to get some forms for Sean.

Work will be in Desa Pandan (nearer towards the Pandan Roundabout) and I start on Monday. I’m very excited as it is after all my first job and the start of my career (I guess)
I don’t have many clothes to wear so I plan to go shopping tomorrow to find some clothes to wear. I suppose its time to put aside the casual wear and gear up on the corporate wear.

It’s been a good day for me. I guess I WILL go down and do some baking and send them out as a big thank you to all my kawan. Off to the kitchen then ... Tata :)


Happy Independence Day Malaysians!

What better way to countdown to the 31st than by foosing *giggle*. Yup ... it was a night of foosing for me last night. I got to cafe7 pretty early to find the place surprisingly empty. Hung around talking to Valerie (bumped into her there) whilst waiting for Jess and Errol to arrive.

It was a fun gang that night with the boys around (i.e. Edmund, Arnold and Davern) and the usual battle to keep winning in order to hold the table. Jess and I went to Rafi’s to grab a bite where Errol joined us then after.

Errol wasn’t feeling well so they left for home after mamak. BTW … its been a year since Jess and Errol got together and I must say
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!
It seems like these two have know each other for ages but it’s only been a year. Jess + Errol = Jerrol. Well guys… I really think you two make a lovely couple and I hope that things will be good between the two of you forever ya ?? !! (psst psst .. when can I carry my “Real” Kai Chai and Kai Lui ??

Anywayz … returned to cafe7 after the mamak and Leon, Reuben, Derrick and Kenny were foosing (GASP!) in their rather drunken stupor. I think those guys should go on an alcohol diet because what they played last night was REAL FOOSBALL hehe.
I finally dragged my ass away from that place to head home at about 3.30 am. Got home and plonked myself in front of the PC and played FreeCell till about 4.30.

I woke up this morning at around 11.30 to find the house empty. Then I remembered mom did walk in earlier to tell me she’s going off to Aunt Anne’s place to play some mahjong. Switched on the pc and played more FreeCell and then decided to take a walk. Giant is too boring and so is amcorp so clever me simply had to drive herself to jam-packed Mid Valley where she spent not more than 30 minutes at.

Got home and watched some telly when Sean called to go have dinner. We went to Ming Tien in Taman Megah followed by an evening stroll in Atria.

Tomorrow will be baking day … I intend to bake cookies …. So I’ll TRY to stick to the plan. Off to play more FreeCell now … Nite nite