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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Voice Conference

Finally ... I finally got a speaker mike thing so now I can talk with my friends ... especially those who are far far away. I officiated my mic by talking to Drika and then Mandy. Dy .. if u read this ... I realllllllllllllly miss that voice of yours and I miss you even more !!!

The day started watching Catwoman with VJ in Mid Valley. We were planning on King Arthur but it's been 2 weeks since its release so there was no show today. After movie .. strolled around Toys R Us a bit before heading home. Found a few job ads in the papers and wrote to them following which VJ called asking for a ride to Section 13. Decided to wait for him since I was out already. Went to SS2 to look for some Jeans and then went over to Jaya to wait for him.

VJ called at around 7.50. Picked him up and sent him home. Went home for dinner and then came up, took a shower and scrubbed my face. Used another pore strip to get rid of blackheads on my nose. I was analyzing the pore strip after and it actually works. It not only sripped my nose of blackheads, it also removed some facial hair (those tiny fine ones)

Yesterday started quite early with Matthias waking me up at around 8.30 telling me to WAKE UP. I decided to snooze for a bit more before actually waking up at 10. Took a shower and wanted to put my contacts on when the knob holding the sink rack gave place so I attempted to put it back together and ended up not wearing my contacts after all.

Drove to A&W 40 minutes late where I was supposed to meet him at 10am. We had some scrumptious waffle and root beer. Headed over to Subang where we played some foos and lazed around. Decided that it was too boring so I brought him home for a while so that I could check my mails and read the papers. Finished that and sent him home before I headed to Sri Petaling for dinner followed by a few extra classes.

Got home after work when VJ messaged me to go for a drink at this place called Westside Cafe. The food there isn't too bad and the people are friendly although the food is a little more expensive than a mamak. Watched the repeat of the ManU-Chelsea match and the last 5 minutes of Smackdown before heading home.

Didn't do much else .... gonna see whats on telly now. Maybe I'll watch a VCD or read later .... Running Off.