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Monday, August 30, 2004

A Tart-y weekend

Danged ... the weekend came and went .... but all's good. Friday was the usual boring thang stuck at home being a pest to mom. Jess came over and we went to the salon to get our hair fixed. I cut a good 5 inches of my black tresses and I think its not a very good cut but I guess it would do for now. Friday night saw the usual and weekly foosball session in Subang. Didn't spend too much time there and I think I was home by 2. Watched a VCD called The Best Bet - A Singaporean comedy about these 3 "Peng Yu" (Best Friends) who "die die also want to strike lottery" The show was pretty well done although I didn't quite understand half the gibberish they spoke in their own mother-tongue. (I resorted to reading the MALAY subtitles)
Sister surprisingly got back not too long after I finished the movie and called for me to unlock the door as she didn't bring her keys back.

Saturday morning ... woke up and helped mom with tarts. Decided that the weather was simply too hot so I took a shower, switched the a/c on and took a nap. Woke up and watched some basketball and then had dinner after which I decided yet again to go play some foosball. I arrived at an unusually deserted Cafe 7 and then remembered that there were 2 events that might have kept the foosers busy i.e the Genting Rave and the College Tournament which ended only at 10.

I sauntered over to Rack cafe to find the usual gang there. Managed to whoop one guy's ass and then just sat around and watched people play before heading back to Cafe 7. Lynndhia and the gang were foosing there and I just butted in for a game or two. Was in the Banana Leaf mamak in Centerpoint BU by 12 and had a few drinks with a friend.
Was home and in front of the blasted pc by 2pm and there I remained till around 4 am before I gave up keeping my eyes open and went to bed.

Sunday morning ... WORK! It wasn't as bad this morning as I actually got to sleep in till around 11 before heading off to work. I gave Rachael and Wai Kei a break this morning after their traumatising exam experience. Work was the usual ... can't help but find a few slow learners once in a while.

Got home and took a shower before heading off to the padang to see the doggies. Sis and friends were there too and I waited for Jess, Errol and the two angels to come by to have a drink and "socialize" with the other dogs there. It was a fun day playing and "dog-sitting" with them. Cheng Wan came over to lepak with us too. We had dinner at Medan Selera and then headed back to my place to watch the first 10 minutes of F1.

Jess and Errol left and Cheng Wan lepakked with me for a bit. He helped check some stuff with my PC and then we went downstairs to watch TV. It was switching channels between Miss Teen USA and the Rhythmic Gymnastics Final. Watched the first 20 minutes of Soccer before Ironing a shirt and heading up here to write this rather long post.

I guess I'm gonna call it a night ... I have 2 interviews tomorrow ..... Vish mia Lucka!


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