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Friday, August 06, 2004

Reminiscing the past

I don’t know bout most people but thinking back of the good ol days in school brought back a lot of sweet memories. I was at the mamak early this morning with Jess, Char, Melissa, Jo Wong and Victor. Somehow, the conversation topic drifted to school days. It got me thinking…

The “click” culture started in Primary 6 where there was an obvious segregation of the good and bad. It was moral lessons that grouped 2 classes together and I remember my class joined with Aileen’s class IF I’m not mistaken (correct me if I’m wrong) My best friend was Mandy and we used to sit next to each other in class. We had a little black book which we passed around our gang of 7 in which we wrote stories of love affairs with our idols i.e. Devon Sawa and JTT. It was the beginning of the ending of our innocence.

We moved on to Secondary One. Most of us were split up into different classes, me being in 1 Mutiara. Mandy was in 1 Nilam upstairs while Jess was in my class. That marked the beginning of teen hood and raging hormones. Most of us got our periods by then and were blooming bosoms and buying bras. Triumph/Bee Dees was the “IN” brand at the moment and it was only cool to wear brands like OP and Quicksilver. Even O’Reef had to take a back seat …

Metro Kajang was the best place to hangout at that time. There was this streetwear shop there named Jumpstreet where everyone went to buy their share of branded wallets, belts, tee shirts and bags. We, the flirtatious Convent girls were there almost all the time, skipping school to hide in the dressing room there. That was also when we started smoking, getting someone older to buy Salems and us running to the deserted carpark stairway on the 6th floor to choke ourselves silly.

Do not underestimate the innocence of Convent Girls. We were always in mischief, skipping school to run around town, hanging out in Cybercafes to IRC, sitting at the ABC watching guys from High School and bullying our school Juniors.

Saturdays were the best when we had St Johns meetings. It was footdrill for hours in the field under the hot blazing sun and nope, we never complained. Try putting me under the sun for 10 minutes and I’ll probably bite your head off! We always looked forward to the various camps and gatherings held in neighbouring schools. Annual gatherings, AGMs and Campfires never failed to bring about excitement. Those were the days of Levis Jeans and OP T-Shirts tucked in front of the waistband and let loose behind. Who EVER cared about baby Tees back then.

Oh boy … I just had to move after Form 2. School at the new place started rather dully as I certainly didn’t fit into a school of Ah Bengs and Lians who can’t even string a proper sentence in English. I would call myself a tomboy at any rate and it took me some time to adjust to the co-ed environment of the school. In Kajang, cycling to school was the “In” thing. I had a bike and I cycled to school in Sri Petaling but nope, nobody thought it cool. I had to endure the constant teasing of the seniors calling me “Bicycle Girl”

Studying there was depressing. I had to start a new life again and make new friends. I suppose I made a few acquaintances there yet it wasn’t quite the same. By 1998, the Star LRT started operations and getting to Kajang was pretty convenient. I used to skip school to take a train down to Kajang and hangout with the girls right after school. Dad would occasionally “happen” to be in Kajang and he’ll pakat to pick me up in the evening to bring me home.

Professor uniforms, Velcro Quicksilver wallets, bags that hung down to the butt, Nike socks, high-ankled Sparks shoes, Esprit paper bags, stick-on badges, Long Baju Kurung Kain to sweep the floor and our teenage fondness of 911 and Backstreet Boys. Damn those good ol’ days. I miss SMCK so damn much! Lets go pay some teachers a visit eh ?

Mandy, Ling, Aileen, Rubeni, Gami, Yean, Pei Lyn, Jenny our little "Gang"
Shuh Huei, Yam, Yan, Kal, Jean Nee the geniuses
Jon, Kevin, Edmund, Kim Shen the JB boys
Keith, Kevin, Aaron, Han Eng, Lam and more - the AC1 and Scouts
NC4, AC1 and everyone and everything else in Kajang.


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