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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Oh Boy I'm Tired

I repeat myself once more - Moving house is no Joke!!!

Jo finally settled down in PJ and has been occupying herself with a little cleaning, some arranging and lots of carrying. Yesterday me and Ju(me sister) wrestled a very very very tough mattress downstairs and up again. No kidding me but that took up a lot of my energy... Ling came over to visit and ended up taking a super long nap on my super comfy bed in my super cozy room heh heh :)

Well I'm almost settled down in PJ now that Mom finally brought herself and most of her belongings over sans her toothbrush when she scurried through the house to look for a spare toothbrush heh heh. Apart from mom being quite a pest ... I think I'm gonna enjoy living in PJ with most places being just around the corner or at 12 o'clock or 9 o'clock ... the roundabouts lah! Its like 3 roundabouts to the federal highway and 2 roundabouts to Pj State .... go figure!

Anyway .. I'm still very much internet-less as the very "efficient" Telekoms people need 2 FULL WORKING days to process my application which leaves even the half-working Saturday uncounted .... Right now I'm in the Point Xtreme Cybercafe in Sri Petaling after work on a Sunday noon waiting for a round of laundry to finish so that I can hang it up to dry. James aka Ryre called me out of the blues "inviting" me to go lepak with him in Summit. I really need to check with mom if its ok as the TWO of us share ONE set of keys. How Sad ....

For the time being ... All invitations for dates/foosball/yumchar/movies/any outdoor activities are more than welcome as home is not a place where I want to be with when a PMS-ing mother is present. However, there is a lot of space in my room for a Mahjong session and mom just bought a new mahjong set for me so ... take the hint and come over!!!!!

I'm crapping .... I'm Crap! I'm going to ..... rot myself silly and check my mails now. Till I make a return .... Jojo is on a virtual break!!!