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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Luck VS Skill

Boy do I love the satisfying sound of a very loud and solid bang symbolizing a good goal. I just got home from DYP at the rack café. I went thinking I probably won’t get through the first 2 rounds but no, I got Adil as my partner and we went quite far in the game. I’m pretty sure Adil was either disappointed or simply mad for getting me as a partner as I made too many mistakes and I simply couldn’t shoot for nuts. I suppose a pro-am combination isn’t too bad after all.

Adil is a damned good striker. Period. I suppose it wasn’t the end of the world as I do believe I saw worse players today. It wasn’t too bad actually … but the stress of playing with an excellent player was immense. The pressure was great as I certainly didn’t want to be a big disappointment to anyone. I tried, I blocked and I tried scoring (although I ended up fluking more)

People learn from their mistakes. I learnt a few lessons today and I need more practice to put what I learnt into play. Adil, if u ever read this, I’m sorry I didn’t play well today. I think its more of a mental thing … mental block if you might say … mind not there, heart not there, game no good. Oh well …

3rd placing was something I never imagined before. I’m very pleased to have reached that level although I shouldn’t be taking any credit considering my poor performance today. Luck comes in play when drawing your partner. If you’re “lucky”, you get a good partner. If you’re lucky, you score a few flukes. But if you’re skilled, that’s when the loud bullets come out and play.

Maybe Jojo COULD become foos queen someday. It could be tomorrow, It could be next month or year … or maybe when I’m 30, or 40 … I’ll never know. I have a dream and with the strength and perseverance, I hope to achieve my goal some day. And I will now go and dream about being foos queen. Goodnight