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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Jojo Wannabe Foos Queen

Jo is back ... well kinda. I'm back coz I finally managed to borrow a dialup modem that works from Cheng Wan and after many many attempts, finally found an active account thanks to yours truly. Its 4.30am on my clock and I'm actually very sleepy but I'm very excited at the same time to be back online. I won't be getting my streamyx back till a few days to come as I have some accounts to settle before I'm able to transfer the account *grin*

Jo is also back in foosball ... with the mood swing gone, Jo plans to go full blast and continue pursuing her dream of becoming a foos queen. I figured that I might as well make use of my free time to practise foos and spend more time out seeing that I've spent almost an entire month in the confinement of my own home with all that moving under the watchful eye of mommy dearest.

I don't have much to update anyone about as my life has been too routine - Wake up, play Wolf, eat, run errands, play Wolf, eat, teach, clean/pack, layan mommy, Wolf and sleep. Boring eh ? Watodo ... Jobless, Lifeless, Cashless and Streamyx-less Tee Hee Hee

BORING is the word of the moment. Was at Spicy's not too long ago with Chin Chan, Huei Shen, Cheng Wan and Ling after some foos in Breakers. I'm glad we managed to get in today as much as we loath being not-21 YET. Foos was good ... Ling is getting good with the snake and I met another good female fooser by the name of Natasha. Speed, agility and strength maketh a good sportsperson.


I need a job ... I'm beginning to turn insane being stuck at home for such long periods. At this point of time, I really don't care what job comes along as I'm pretty desperate! Do let me know if any of you hear of any vacancies anywhere in the Klang Valley.

Satisfaction ... I think I can sleep well tonight knowing that I can at least check my mail and play wordscape whenever I'm free now .... *yawn* Time for bed. Goodnight darlings :)a