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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Jojo is foosball crazy!

Rack organized a Ladies DYP night earlier this evening saw 16 ladies sweating their palms out contending for the first prize of RM 100. I drew Wee Li as my partner and I suppose we did play quite ok. There are far better players out there and a good fight is what we’re set out to give.

Round 2 – Mixed DYP. We had to wait for the ladies DYP to finish the finals and I think it was Yin Yi/Joanne Seaton who got first place. Atta girls .. good for you! And so the games started … got win got lose.
Game 1 – Yin Yi/Danny – Win
Game 2 – Edwin/Vivian – Lose
Game 3 – Azlan/June – Lose

So like that lor … my Friday night spent playing lots and lots of foosball. I think I’ve had enough for this weekend.

I’m running out of things to write about. I guess it’s simply because I’m quite a lifeless soul with a very uninteresting daily routine.

Gonna wallow myself in self pity … sniff sniff


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