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Sunday, August 22, 2004

A Good Weekend

Hey peeps .. how was the weekend ? Mine started pretty good with some foosing on Friday night. I had a few surprises .. first was VJ calling me up saying he would join me in 7 for a while which he did then I bumped into Huei Shen (Chin Chan's friend) there and had some fun chatting. The rest of the night wasn't as eventful as Jess & Errol left pretty early but I had fun getting my A$$ kicked by Mikey.

Saturday wasn't too eventful with me waking up pretty late then watched some tv and lazed around a little as Mom and Sis were home. Went for Mass in the evening where I saw Shaun and Ryan. Came home, had dinner and went off to 7 for more foosing. "Found" a partner there (don't remember his name but he's a regular at Rack) and we just played and played lah. Cynthia was there too. Left pretty early as I needed my beauty sleep in order to wake up on time today.

Returned from work to find sister at home watching telly. Discovered a new game called Astro Pop and have been hooked on to it ever since. Evening came and my eyes were blurry thanks to the game so I decided to take a stroll over to the park to see some doggies. On the way back, ran into the Putu Mayam guy so decided to get some back for me and sis.

Had some Mayam and then continued blurring my eyes out. Mom came home not long after and cooked some nice noodles for us. Sent sis out to the LRT before heading to McDonalds Centerpoint for a drink with a friend. Came home and loaded Astro Pop and I will be returning to the game in a while. Will be sleeping early tonight as I have an interview tomorrow morning *YAY* !!! Ciaoz =-=