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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Couch Potato

I'm hooked. Me and mom have turned into couch potatoes with the Olympics available on 6 channels throughout the day. I do admit most of the time we channel surf and I don't recall actually watching a match from start to end. My favourite sport to date would definitely be basketball. Being a failure myself, I can just sit and gawk at the American ladies shoot beatiful 3 pointers efforlessly.

I finally finished composing a lengthy introduction for my Jobs DB account and sent a few out. I'm determined to get any sane job I THINK I can handle. First step is penetration. Get into the company and work my way towards a suitable or interesting position. I'm very tempted to ask my cousin for a position in his company again (the same one I did my internship in). I'll just try my luck for a few more weeks then I'll think of aproaching him.

My students sure know how to cheer me up. Last night I gave 2 girls extra lessons as their exams are only a week away. Rachael asked me whether I can continue teaching her because she's intending to stop lessons completely if I don't. I think its a rather silly yet sweet gesture as it told me that I'm actually wanted. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with her mother earlier that evening talking about Rachael and how her mom thinks I'm one of the few people who she actually listens to (honored). Wai Kei also mentioned stopping after her exams as she simply refuses to change teacher. My task now is still to find my students suitable teachers. I have a few candidates in mind but its a matter of time before I can make a match in the teachers and students schedule.

Some people are really demanding. There is this one teacher who requested for non-beginners to teach in future simply because she hates teaching kids from scratch. I think it is quite a challenge to start on the fresh ones simply because its back to basics learning the ABCs. Being a teacher, I feel the basics are the most important things to start off with. You need a strong foundation and you need to understand your foundation well enough before you're able to proceed. To me, its a challenge to start the student off on the right foot and guide the student along the right path all the way.

A few of my students came to me in their 2nd or 3rd year of music and I must say it was indeed a difficult time because some of them have such poor foundation its almost impossible to change their technicalities i.e sight-reading, fingering and other nitty gritty irritating traits and habits.

Anyhow ... I'm all welcome to teach anyone be it young or old. My teaching style is improvise the traditional. I don't have any formal teaching training and most of my teaching technique lies in my creativity to make the class lively. One thing I most require from students is cooperation and a little bit of effort to practise. As a student, I rarely practised and that cost me a few years in my music education. Thinking back, I think practise not only speeds up the learning process but it also makes the teachers life easier.

If you have friends/cousins/nieces/nephews/sons/daughters who want to learn a little piano you're more than welcome to look me up. I work well with children and I'm not very strict.