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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Bah .... bloody pc

My pc DIED on me. Motherboard and processor was fried in what I guess was a power surge. I'm super paranoid now and unplug the phone line and the entire power plug every time I switch the pc off. So jo got a new motherboard and is now running on an AMD Anthlon XP 2.0 Gz which isn't too bad seeing that it runs almost the same as my former Duron.

Today will be spent installing more software and making the best of my pc. I think I'll be heading over to Ikea later to pick up some chairs since my birthday won't be coming so soon after all. I've missed out on so many days I don't even know where to start writing.

Monday was boring ... I sent mom down to KL for her lunch with my cousins and then I headed off to Uptown where I settled the phone bill at Telekoms and got myself a coffee. Came home and switched on the PC and it just didn't come on. Panicked and called Mun Wai, ChengWan and then my cousin. Cousin suggested I brought it to his office which I did and we started changing parts begining with the motherboard.

Cousin kicked me out at about 5 as he had finished work. Went home to lepak with mom and watch some TV. Started getting ready at about 8pm and then left to go to see Bob at my old house to pass him some things. Dashed to KL to pick VJ up from Times Square before 10 and flew to Jalan Kuching for his game. His team lost .... and the referees were horribly biased.
After ball we went mamak and back home. Sien ...

Tuesday was spent at cousin's shop again. Got to take my pc home at about 5 and headed to SP to work. After work went to Rack to train ball and then yumchar and then play more ball and then yumchar summore.

Wednesday .. nothing great either.

Today ... nothing so far ...

So much for the boring life of Joanne Low.