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Monday, August 09, 2004

arseAnal VS MANUre

Miracles DO happen. I watched more than 10 minutes of soccer today. When I was younger, soccer to me meant going gaga over Bekham, Butt, Giggs and the likes. I suppose now that I'm into foosball, soccer isn't so bad after all as its all about the same thing ... men and balls.

The Arsenal Vs Man-U game was actually quite hillarious. I was at this mamak where some people congregated to watch the match and I wasn't cut short on the humor with the witty commentators joking ever so often. I'm no soccer fan and I don't even know what the f*** an offside is (someone explain) but I know that Man-U played horribly in the second half (as I only watched from half-time)
The mamak commentator said something about Man-U playing as well as our Selangor team ... well I've never watched Selangor play before but I'm guessing they aren't very good ... or are they?

I'm going on a Sports discovery journey. Today was soccer, tomorrow will be basketball and with the Olympics around the corner, I think mom and I are well on our way to becoming couch potatoes.

As for the weekend, Its been late nights since last week. Saturday was spent shopping for Yean's birthday present. Amcorp mall isn't that bad as I did manage to find 5 items for her present in 2 hours (or less). I met up with Aileen there and we strolled around the place thinking of what to get Yean. I passed by Loco's old shop and Wolf was there so I went in to say Hi and we chatted a little before he suggested getting a Sensual Box for my friend.

Sight, Scent, Sound, Touch and Taste are the human senses. I got a beautiful lily for the sight, an excellent rose scented candle for the smell/scent, a romantic classics cd, a shower gel and body lotion for her to touch herself and a box of chocolates to heat her up. The initial plan was to get her some sexy lingerie but it was difficult as there weren't very many decent lingerie shops there.

Shopping for a birthday present is no joke! You don't just window shop or just look around ... you actually spend time THINKING and WALKING and COUNTING before actually finding the ideal gift. Spare yourself the hassle of shopping for a present when my birthday comes and just get me anything from the list below :-
1) a carton of ciggies
2) a shopping voucher
3) a chair to go with my dressing table
4) any phone newer than an 8310 regardless of whether its second or third or fourth hand
Easy right .... I'm not demanding .... I suppose if I don't get those things for my birthday I'll just have to get them on my own anyway ;)

The party was great Yean. It was a very happy evening as I got to catch up with my girlfriends and we got to see the parents' get drunk! It all ended well with some games of foos followed by the usual mamak session at 7.

I'm gonna start reading up on dogs. For starters I think it would be great if I could tell a rottweiler from a bulldog (yes I'm a bimbo). I like dogs. Period. I'm an animal lover no doubt but I'm not a vet of any sort. Heck I can't tell a baboon from a monkey! Dog training session at the padang right at the end of Jalan Gasing every Sunday Evening. I think I'll be there often enough to see the doggies. Jess might bring Pixie and Elfie to train and socialize too so there we go ... a family day with the man and the 2 chihuahuas.

*Ha-Choo* Time to sleep. Basketball tomorrow night ..... Good Night~!


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