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Monday, August 30, 2004

A Tart-y weekend

Danged ... the weekend came and went .... but all's good. Friday was the usual boring thang stuck at home being a pest to mom. Jess came over and we went to the salon to get our hair fixed. I cut a good 5 inches of my black tresses and I think its not a very good cut but I guess it would do for now. Friday night saw the usual and weekly foosball session in Subang. Didn't spend too much time there and I think I was home by 2. Watched a VCD called The Best Bet - A Singaporean comedy about these 3 "Peng Yu" (Best Friends) who "die die also want to strike lottery" The show was pretty well done although I didn't quite understand half the gibberish they spoke in their own mother-tongue. (I resorted to reading the MALAY subtitles)
Sister surprisingly got back not too long after I finished the movie and called for me to unlock the door as she didn't bring her keys back.

Saturday morning ... woke up and helped mom with tarts. Decided that the weather was simply too hot so I took a shower, switched the a/c on and took a nap. Woke up and watched some basketball and then had dinner after which I decided yet again to go play some foosball. I arrived at an unusually deserted Cafe 7 and then remembered that there were 2 events that might have kept the foosers busy i.e the Genting Rave and the College Tournament which ended only at 10.

I sauntered over to Rack cafe to find the usual gang there. Managed to whoop one guy's ass and then just sat around and watched people play before heading back to Cafe 7. Lynndhia and the gang were foosing there and I just butted in for a game or two. Was in the Banana Leaf mamak in Centerpoint BU by 12 and had a few drinks with a friend.
Was home and in front of the blasted pc by 2pm and there I remained till around 4 am before I gave up keeping my eyes open and went to bed.

Sunday morning ... WORK! It wasn't as bad this morning as I actually got to sleep in till around 11 before heading off to work. I gave Rachael and Wai Kei a break this morning after their traumatising exam experience. Work was the usual ... can't help but find a few slow learners once in a while.

Got home and took a shower before heading off to the padang to see the doggies. Sis and friends were there too and I waited for Jess, Errol and the two angels to come by to have a drink and "socialize" with the other dogs there. It was a fun day playing and "dog-sitting" with them. Cheng Wan came over to lepak with us too. We had dinner at Medan Selera and then headed back to my place to watch the first 10 minutes of F1.

Jess and Errol left and Cheng Wan lepakked with me for a bit. He helped check some stuff with my PC and then we went downstairs to watch TV. It was switching channels between Miss Teen USA and the Rhythmic Gymnastics Final. Watched the first 20 minutes of Soccer before Ironing a shirt and heading up here to write this rather long post.

I guess I'm gonna call it a night ... I have 2 interviews tomorrow ..... Vish mia Lucka!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Tis the Season to be Jolly!

Whoopedeedoo-dah! Today was the last of the exam pieces I endured over the past few months. The girls will be sitting for their exams on Thursday and Friday and then its all over for me! Glad to take a break from work … the school, Sri Petaling, the whole works. I’m sad though, because there isn’t much for me to look forward to this weekend.

The job hunt has been pretty disappointing with only one miserable interview so far. I suppose I’ll have to be less picky and just blast off at any job I come across. Anyway … Monday till now has been pretty uneventful.

Godma brought an American missionary to dinner on Monday night. We had a hearty meal with lots of chatter and laughter. I stayed home that night and just played Astro Pop the whole night.

Yesterday I did a little shopping and bought a pair of sandals. Started teaching at about 4 and only finished at 9 after which I took a stroll in the pasar malam. I love the night market yet I hate it. It’s nice to walk around and search for good bargains but the masses of people in this humid weather didn’t do justice at all. Ended up grabbing some food and headed home when Sean asked me to go out for a drink.

Lotus opened a new branch in PJ state. I must say it is by far the grandest and largest mamak establishment in PJ. The menu didn’t suggest food and beverages too pricy but what caught my attention was the “combo meals” offered ala fast food style.
I didn’t examine the menu in detail but judging from the pictures, a plate of nasi goreng and a Pepsi going for RM 7 seems like a pretty good deal for a place like that.

It’s that time of the year again where the Ex boyfriends come flocking back into my life. It’s been date after date with them and frankly … its been fun J Tuesday was with Sean and tomorrow I’ve got a date with William before he goes back to Russia for another year. I wonder who would date me this weekend … another ex perhaps. Or maybe some guy I’ve wanted to get my hands on … I dunno … we’ll just have to see how it goes. Maybe I’ll just spend the weekend quietly at home watching TV with mommy dearest … unless someone has a better suggestion. Nitey Nite

Sunday, August 22, 2004

A Good Weekend

Hey peeps .. how was the weekend ? Mine started pretty good with some foosing on Friday night. I had a few surprises .. first was VJ calling me up saying he would join me in 7 for a while which he did then I bumped into Huei Shen (Chin Chan's friend) there and had some fun chatting. The rest of the night wasn't as eventful as Jess & Errol left pretty early but I had fun getting my A$$ kicked by Mikey.

Saturday wasn't too eventful with me waking up pretty late then watched some tv and lazed around a little as Mom and Sis were home. Went for Mass in the evening where I saw Shaun and Ryan. Came home, had dinner and went off to 7 for more foosing. "Found" a partner there (don't remember his name but he's a regular at Rack) and we just played and played lah. Cynthia was there too. Left pretty early as I needed my beauty sleep in order to wake up on time today.

Returned from work to find sister at home watching telly. Discovered a new game called Astro Pop and have been hooked on to it ever since. Evening came and my eyes were blurry thanks to the game so I decided to take a stroll over to the park to see some doggies. On the way back, ran into the Putu Mayam guy so decided to get some back for me and sis.

Had some Mayam and then continued blurring my eyes out. Mom came home not long after and cooked some nice noodles for us. Sent sis out to the LRT before heading to McDonalds Centerpoint for a drink with a friend. Came home and loaded Astro Pop and I will be returning to the game in a while. Will be sleeping early tonight as I have an interview tomorrow morning *YAY* !!! Ciaoz =-=

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Voice Conference

Finally ... I finally got a speaker mike thing so now I can talk with my friends ... especially those who are far far away. I officiated my mic by talking to Drika and then Mandy. Dy .. if u read this ... I realllllllllllllly miss that voice of yours and I miss you even more !!!

The day started watching Catwoman with VJ in Mid Valley. We were planning on King Arthur but it's been 2 weeks since its release so there was no show today. After movie .. strolled around Toys R Us a bit before heading home. Found a few job ads in the papers and wrote to them following which VJ called asking for a ride to Section 13. Decided to wait for him since I was out already. Went to SS2 to look for some Jeans and then went over to Jaya to wait for him.

VJ called at around 7.50. Picked him up and sent him home. Went home for dinner and then came up, took a shower and scrubbed my face. Used another pore strip to get rid of blackheads on my nose. I was analyzing the pore strip after and it actually works. It not only sripped my nose of blackheads, it also removed some facial hair (those tiny fine ones)

Yesterday started quite early with Matthias waking me up at around 8.30 telling me to WAKE UP. I decided to snooze for a bit more before actually waking up at 10. Took a shower and wanted to put my contacts on when the knob holding the sink rack gave place so I attempted to put it back together and ended up not wearing my contacts after all.

Drove to A&W 40 minutes late where I was supposed to meet him at 10am. We had some scrumptious waffle and root beer. Headed over to Subang where we played some foos and lazed around. Decided that it was too boring so I brought him home for a while so that I could check my mails and read the papers. Finished that and sent him home before I headed to Sri Petaling for dinner followed by a few extra classes.

Got home after work when VJ messaged me to go for a drink at this place called Westside Cafe. The food there isn't too bad and the people are friendly although the food is a little more expensive than a mamak. Watched the repeat of the ManU-Chelsea match and the last 5 minutes of Smackdown before heading home.

Didn't do much else .... gonna see whats on telly now. Maybe I'll watch a VCD or read later .... Running Off.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Couch Potato

I'm hooked. Me and mom have turned into couch potatoes with the Olympics available on 6 channels throughout the day. I do admit most of the time we channel surf and I don't recall actually watching a match from start to end. My favourite sport to date would definitely be basketball. Being a failure myself, I can just sit and gawk at the American ladies shoot beatiful 3 pointers efforlessly.

I finally finished composing a lengthy introduction for my Jobs DB account and sent a few out. I'm determined to get any sane job I THINK I can handle. First step is penetration. Get into the company and work my way towards a suitable or interesting position. I'm very tempted to ask my cousin for a position in his company again (the same one I did my internship in). I'll just try my luck for a few more weeks then I'll think of aproaching him.

My students sure know how to cheer me up. Last night I gave 2 girls extra lessons as their exams are only a week away. Rachael asked me whether I can continue teaching her because she's intending to stop lessons completely if I don't. I think its a rather silly yet sweet gesture as it told me that I'm actually wanted. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with her mother earlier that evening talking about Rachael and how her mom thinks I'm one of the few people who she actually listens to (honored). Wai Kei also mentioned stopping after her exams as she simply refuses to change teacher. My task now is still to find my students suitable teachers. I have a few candidates in mind but its a matter of time before I can make a match in the teachers and students schedule.

Some people are really demanding. There is this one teacher who requested for non-beginners to teach in future simply because she hates teaching kids from scratch. I think it is quite a challenge to start on the fresh ones simply because its back to basics learning the ABCs. Being a teacher, I feel the basics are the most important things to start off with. You need a strong foundation and you need to understand your foundation well enough before you're able to proceed. To me, its a challenge to start the student off on the right foot and guide the student along the right path all the way.

A few of my students came to me in their 2nd or 3rd year of music and I must say it was indeed a difficult time because some of them have such poor foundation its almost impossible to change their technicalities i.e sight-reading, fingering and other nitty gritty irritating traits and habits.

Anyhow ... I'm all welcome to teach anyone be it young or old. My teaching style is improvise the traditional. I don't have any formal teaching training and most of my teaching technique lies in my creativity to make the class lively. One thing I most require from students is cooperation and a little bit of effort to practise. As a student, I rarely practised and that cost me a few years in my music education. Thinking back, I think practise not only speeds up the learning process but it also makes the teachers life easier.

If you have friends/cousins/nieces/nephews/sons/daughters who want to learn a little piano you're more than welcome to look me up. I work well with children and I'm not very strict.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Jojo is foosball crazy!

Rack organized a Ladies DYP night earlier this evening saw 16 ladies sweating their palms out contending for the first prize of RM 100. I drew Wee Li as my partner and I suppose we did play quite ok. There are far better players out there and a good fight is what we’re set out to give.

Round 2 – Mixed DYP. We had to wait for the ladies DYP to finish the finals and I think it was Yin Yi/Joanne Seaton who got first place. Atta girls .. good for you! And so the games started … got win got lose.
Game 1 – Yin Yi/Danny – Win
Game 2 – Edwin/Vivian – Lose
Game 3 – Azlan/June – Lose

So like that lor … my Friday night spent playing lots and lots of foosball. I think I’ve had enough for this weekend.

I’m running out of things to write about. I guess it’s simply because I’m quite a lifeless soul with a very uninteresting daily routine.

Gonna wallow myself in self pity … sniff sniff

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Bah .... bloody pc

My pc DIED on me. Motherboard and processor was fried in what I guess was a power surge. I'm super paranoid now and unplug the phone line and the entire power plug every time I switch the pc off. So jo got a new motherboard and is now running on an AMD Anthlon XP 2.0 Gz which isn't too bad seeing that it runs almost the same as my former Duron.

Today will be spent installing more software and making the best of my pc. I think I'll be heading over to Ikea later to pick up some chairs since my birthday won't be coming so soon after all. I've missed out on so many days I don't even know where to start writing.

Monday was boring ... I sent mom down to KL for her lunch with my cousins and then I headed off to Uptown where I settled the phone bill at Telekoms and got myself a coffee. Came home and switched on the PC and it just didn't come on. Panicked and called Mun Wai, ChengWan and then my cousin. Cousin suggested I brought it to his office which I did and we started changing parts begining with the motherboard.

Cousin kicked me out at about 5 as he had finished work. Went home to lepak with mom and watch some TV. Started getting ready at about 8pm and then left to go to see Bob at my old house to pass him some things. Dashed to KL to pick VJ up from Times Square before 10 and flew to Jalan Kuching for his game. His team lost .... and the referees were horribly biased.
After ball we went mamak and back home. Sien ...

Tuesday was spent at cousin's shop again. Got to take my pc home at about 5 and headed to SP to work. After work went to Rack to train ball and then yumchar and then play more ball and then yumchar summore.

Wednesday .. nothing great either.

Today ... nothing so far ...

So much for the boring life of Joanne Low.

Monday, August 09, 2004

arseAnal VS MANUre

Miracles DO happen. I watched more than 10 minutes of soccer today. When I was younger, soccer to me meant going gaga over Bekham, Butt, Giggs and the likes. I suppose now that I'm into foosball, soccer isn't so bad after all as its all about the same thing ... men and balls.

The Arsenal Vs Man-U game was actually quite hillarious. I was at this mamak where some people congregated to watch the match and I wasn't cut short on the humor with the witty commentators joking ever so often. I'm no soccer fan and I don't even know what the f*** an offside is (someone explain) but I know that Man-U played horribly in the second half (as I only watched from half-time)
The mamak commentator said something about Man-U playing as well as our Selangor team ... well I've never watched Selangor play before but I'm guessing they aren't very good ... or are they?

I'm going on a Sports discovery journey. Today was soccer, tomorrow will be basketball and with the Olympics around the corner, I think mom and I are well on our way to becoming couch potatoes.

As for the weekend, Its been late nights since last week. Saturday was spent shopping for Yean's birthday present. Amcorp mall isn't that bad as I did manage to find 5 items for her present in 2 hours (or less). I met up with Aileen there and we strolled around the place thinking of what to get Yean. I passed by Loco's old shop and Wolf was there so I went in to say Hi and we chatted a little before he suggested getting a Sensual Box for my friend.

Sight, Scent, Sound, Touch and Taste are the human senses. I got a beautiful lily for the sight, an excellent rose scented candle for the smell/scent, a romantic classics cd, a shower gel and body lotion for her to touch herself and a box of chocolates to heat her up. The initial plan was to get her some sexy lingerie but it was difficult as there weren't very many decent lingerie shops there.

Shopping for a birthday present is no joke! You don't just window shop or just look around ... you actually spend time THINKING and WALKING and COUNTING before actually finding the ideal gift. Spare yourself the hassle of shopping for a present when my birthday comes and just get me anything from the list below :-
1) a carton of ciggies
2) a shopping voucher
3) a chair to go with my dressing table
4) any phone newer than an 8310 regardless of whether its second or third or fourth hand
Easy right .... I'm not demanding .... I suppose if I don't get those things for my birthday I'll just have to get them on my own anyway ;)

The party was great Yean. It was a very happy evening as I got to catch up with my girlfriends and we got to see the parents' get drunk! It all ended well with some games of foos followed by the usual mamak session at 7.

I'm gonna start reading up on dogs. For starters I think it would be great if I could tell a rottweiler from a bulldog (yes I'm a bimbo). I like dogs. Period. I'm an animal lover no doubt but I'm not a vet of any sort. Heck I can't tell a baboon from a monkey! Dog training session at the padang right at the end of Jalan Gasing every Sunday Evening. I think I'll be there often enough to see the doggies. Jess might bring Pixie and Elfie to train and socialize too so there we go ... a family day with the man and the 2 chihuahuas.

*Ha-Choo* Time to sleep. Basketball tomorrow night ..... Good Night~!

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Luck VS Skill

Boy do I love the satisfying sound of a very loud and solid bang symbolizing a good goal. I just got home from DYP at the rack café. I went thinking I probably won’t get through the first 2 rounds but no, I got Adil as my partner and we went quite far in the game. I’m pretty sure Adil was either disappointed or simply mad for getting me as a partner as I made too many mistakes and I simply couldn’t shoot for nuts. I suppose a pro-am combination isn’t too bad after all.

Adil is a damned good striker. Period. I suppose it wasn’t the end of the world as I do believe I saw worse players today. It wasn’t too bad actually … but the stress of playing with an excellent player was immense. The pressure was great as I certainly didn’t want to be a big disappointment to anyone. I tried, I blocked and I tried scoring (although I ended up fluking more)

People learn from their mistakes. I learnt a few lessons today and I need more practice to put what I learnt into play. Adil, if u ever read this, I’m sorry I didn’t play well today. I think its more of a mental thing … mental block if you might say … mind not there, heart not there, game no good. Oh well …

3rd placing was something I never imagined before. I’m very pleased to have reached that level although I shouldn’t be taking any credit considering my poor performance today. Luck comes in play when drawing your partner. If you’re “lucky”, you get a good partner. If you’re lucky, you score a few flukes. But if you’re skilled, that’s when the loud bullets come out and play.

Maybe Jojo COULD become foos queen someday. It could be tomorrow, It could be next month or year … or maybe when I’m 30, or 40 … I’ll never know. I have a dream and with the strength and perseverance, I hope to achieve my goal some day. And I will now go and dream about being foos queen. Goodnight

Friday, August 06, 2004

Reminiscing the past

I don’t know bout most people but thinking back of the good ol days in school brought back a lot of sweet memories. I was at the mamak early this morning with Jess, Char, Melissa, Jo Wong and Victor. Somehow, the conversation topic drifted to school days. It got me thinking…

The “click” culture started in Primary 6 where there was an obvious segregation of the good and bad. It was moral lessons that grouped 2 classes together and I remember my class joined with Aileen’s class IF I’m not mistaken (correct me if I’m wrong) My best friend was Mandy and we used to sit next to each other in class. We had a little black book which we passed around our gang of 7 in which we wrote stories of love affairs with our idols i.e. Devon Sawa and JTT. It was the beginning of the ending of our innocence.

We moved on to Secondary One. Most of us were split up into different classes, me being in 1 Mutiara. Mandy was in 1 Nilam upstairs while Jess was in my class. That marked the beginning of teen hood and raging hormones. Most of us got our periods by then and were blooming bosoms and buying bras. Triumph/Bee Dees was the “IN” brand at the moment and it was only cool to wear brands like OP and Quicksilver. Even O’Reef had to take a back seat …

Metro Kajang was the best place to hangout at that time. There was this streetwear shop there named Jumpstreet where everyone went to buy their share of branded wallets, belts, tee shirts and bags. We, the flirtatious Convent girls were there almost all the time, skipping school to hide in the dressing room there. That was also when we started smoking, getting someone older to buy Salems and us running to the deserted carpark stairway on the 6th floor to choke ourselves silly.

Do not underestimate the innocence of Convent Girls. We were always in mischief, skipping school to run around town, hanging out in Cybercafes to IRC, sitting at the ABC watching guys from High School and bullying our school Juniors.

Saturdays were the best when we had St Johns meetings. It was footdrill for hours in the field under the hot blazing sun and nope, we never complained. Try putting me under the sun for 10 minutes and I’ll probably bite your head off! We always looked forward to the various camps and gatherings held in neighbouring schools. Annual gatherings, AGMs and Campfires never failed to bring about excitement. Those were the days of Levis Jeans and OP T-Shirts tucked in front of the waistband and let loose behind. Who EVER cared about baby Tees back then.

Oh boy … I just had to move after Form 2. School at the new place started rather dully as I certainly didn’t fit into a school of Ah Bengs and Lians who can’t even string a proper sentence in English. I would call myself a tomboy at any rate and it took me some time to adjust to the co-ed environment of the school. In Kajang, cycling to school was the “In” thing. I had a bike and I cycled to school in Sri Petaling but nope, nobody thought it cool. I had to endure the constant teasing of the seniors calling me “Bicycle Girl”

Studying there was depressing. I had to start a new life again and make new friends. I suppose I made a few acquaintances there yet it wasn’t quite the same. By 1998, the Star LRT started operations and getting to Kajang was pretty convenient. I used to skip school to take a train down to Kajang and hangout with the girls right after school. Dad would occasionally “happen” to be in Kajang and he’ll pakat to pick me up in the evening to bring me home.

Professor uniforms, Velcro Quicksilver wallets, bags that hung down to the butt, Nike socks, high-ankled Sparks shoes, Esprit paper bags, stick-on badges, Long Baju Kurung Kain to sweep the floor and our teenage fondness of 911 and Backstreet Boys. Damn those good ol’ days. I miss SMCK so damn much! Lets go pay some teachers a visit eh ?

Mandy, Ling, Aileen, Rubeni, Gami, Yean, Pei Lyn, Jenny our little "Gang"
Shuh Huei, Yam, Yan, Kal, Jean Nee the geniuses
Jon, Kevin, Edmund, Kim Shen the JB boys
Keith, Kevin, Aaron, Han Eng, Lam and more - the AC1 and Scouts
NC4, AC1 and everyone and everything else in Kajang.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Jojo Wannabe Foos Queen

Jo is back ... well kinda. I'm back coz I finally managed to borrow a dialup modem that works from Cheng Wan and after many many attempts, finally found an active account thanks to yours truly. Its 4.30am on my clock and I'm actually very sleepy but I'm very excited at the same time to be back online. I won't be getting my streamyx back till a few days to come as I have some accounts to settle before I'm able to transfer the account *grin*

Jo is also back in foosball ... with the mood swing gone, Jo plans to go full blast and continue pursuing her dream of becoming a foos queen. I figured that I might as well make use of my free time to practise foos and spend more time out seeing that I've spent almost an entire month in the confinement of my own home with all that moving under the watchful eye of mommy dearest.

I don't have much to update anyone about as my life has been too routine - Wake up, play Wolf, eat, run errands, play Wolf, eat, teach, clean/pack, layan mommy, Wolf and sleep. Boring eh ? Watodo ... Jobless, Lifeless, Cashless and Streamyx-less Tee Hee Hee

BORING is the word of the moment. Was at Spicy's not too long ago with Chin Chan, Huei Shen, Cheng Wan and Ling after some foos in Breakers. I'm glad we managed to get in today as much as we loath being not-21 YET. Foos was good ... Ling is getting good with the snake and I met another good female fooser by the name of Natasha. Speed, agility and strength maketh a good sportsperson.


I need a job ... I'm beginning to turn insane being stuck at home for such long periods. At this point of time, I really don't care what job comes along as I'm pretty desperate! Do let me know if any of you hear of any vacancies anywhere in the Klang Valley.

Satisfaction ... I think I can sleep well tonight knowing that I can at least check my mail and play wordscape whenever I'm free now .... *yawn* Time for bed. Goodnight darlings :)a

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Oh Boy I'm Tired

I repeat myself once more - Moving house is no Joke!!!

Jo finally settled down in PJ and has been occupying herself with a little cleaning, some arranging and lots of carrying. Yesterday me and Ju(me sister) wrestled a very very very tough mattress downstairs and up again. No kidding me but that took up a lot of my energy... Ling came over to visit and ended up taking a super long nap on my super comfy bed in my super cozy room heh heh :)

Well I'm almost settled down in PJ now that Mom finally brought herself and most of her belongings over sans her toothbrush when she scurried through the house to look for a spare toothbrush heh heh. Apart from mom being quite a pest ... I think I'm gonna enjoy living in PJ with most places being just around the corner or at 12 o'clock or 9 o'clock ... the roundabouts lah! Its like 3 roundabouts to the federal highway and 2 roundabouts to Pj State .... go figure!

Anyway .. I'm still very much internet-less as the very "efficient" Telekoms people need 2 FULL WORKING days to process my application which leaves even the half-working Saturday uncounted .... Right now I'm in the Point Xtreme Cybercafe in Sri Petaling after work on a Sunday noon waiting for a round of laundry to finish so that I can hang it up to dry. James aka Ryre called me out of the blues "inviting" me to go lepak with him in Summit. I really need to check with mom if its ok as the TWO of us share ONE set of keys. How Sad ....

For the time being ... All invitations for dates/foosball/yumchar/movies/any outdoor activities are more than welcome as home is not a place where I want to be with when a PMS-ing mother is present. However, there is a lot of space in my room for a Mahjong session and mom just bought a new mahjong set for me so ... take the hint and come over!!!!!

I'm crapping .... I'm Crap! I'm going to ..... rot myself silly and check my mails now. Till I make a return .... Jojo is on a virtual break!!!