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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Yay ! I made it to day 2

The day started at 8.30 am when my student, Rachael kindly gave me a wake-up call for work scheduled at 9. I dragged myself out of bed very reluctantly and jumped into the very cold shower and then staggered off to work at 9. And so thats how my day started .. at the music school. For those who don't know yet, I teach piano for a side income. It wasn't just a temporary - short term job because I've been at it for about 5 years and I'm proud to say I've managed to bring a few students up to where they are now from scratch and I'm happy to have such loyal students.

Initially, I thought I'll just be condemned to torturing little BRATS. I think I frightened off a few with my rather moody approach ( i.e venting my anger at them when I had a rough day ) But I'm also thankful to have some matured students who just don't get on my nerves. I wouldn't say I have a favourite student, but if Rachael, Huei Wenn and Carolyn read this, I must say you guys have really given me the strength to carry on teaching all these years. (damn I sound old)

Remember in school, teachers would give us countless forms to fill up about our ambitions and aspirations. In primary school, I aspired to be a doctor or a lawyer. In secondary school, I wanted to become a musician or a teacher. Maybe I didn't fulfill my earlier hopes of becoming a doctor or a lawyer, but I did get a little experience of the medicine world when I joined the St. Johns Ambulance cadets in secondary school. I also got a chance to put my debating skills to action in secondary 4 when I came to the dreaded Sri Petaling School. It was a good experience because after that, I flushed all intententions of a medical venture or a career as a lawyer down the drain. It just wasn't my cuppa. I've always been a musical kid ... well a kid with musical inclinations. Nope I'm not a baby genius of any sort, just an un-tone deaf kid. From JMC lessons in Yamaha up till grade 8 piano, I kinda liked music. My last piano teacher in Sri Petaling asked whether I would like to give teaching a try and so I did. One became two, two became four and now I'm proud to be a teacher of 10. Although I might not be the best teacher in the world, but I suppose I can't be that bad because I do have students who have been with me since day one!

Teaching has taught me a lot of things. First is patience, second is punctuality. I don't do private lessons because my first attempt at it was pretty bad and I don't wanna go there right now. Patience because some children just get on your nerves. I would have to blame their upbringing or maybe their spoilt nature but I'm only a teacher and I can't choose my students now can I ? At one point, I was pretty sure I would excell in Children's Psychology because none of my students were alike, physically and mentally.

Anywayz, I finished teaching at about lunchtime and then came home. Mandy and Jon came over and we all went for dim sum near my place. Dim Sum was alright ... sad to say I don't have a camera right now so I can't take pictures of my meals *grin*
After 'brunch' , we proceeded to one utama for a 'hang-kai' session cum visit to foto-shang's camera fair. Mandy wanted to get a digicam to bring back to Aussie with her. I'm still broke so I didn't spend on anything besides contributing RM 1 for the parking :)

After one U, we came back to Ee-Ee-Fatt, the neighbourhood chinese joint for some scrumptious fake birds nest and some other good stuff. *burp* excuse me, but burping is after all an action of contemptment and gratitude (hahaha).

JOJO .. JOJO ... JOJO ... oh thats Jon and Mandy calling me to go downstairs and play Mahjongg. I think the rest of my days will be spent mastering the game of mahjongg. I do have mommy as a good sifu :) Signing off for now. Have a nice chilly evening Brrrrr :)


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