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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Yay I got an interview!!!

Mom drags me out of bed for nothing .... and I refused to get up so I went back to sleep till about 11.30 when I woke up to help her with the tarts.

Thats how my day started ... wake up - tarts. Brought more stuff over to the house because mom managed to get the lorry for Thursday which means the BIG day is on Thursday. Incidentally, I got a call from Dentsu today asking me to go over for a little "chat" on Thursday morning. Talk about perfect timing ... I didn't want to say no AGAIN and get hung up on so I agreed. I suppose if the interview didn't last too long, I would have time to come back and help with the moving.

My life is utterly boring. Last night, I was hanging out at the old house watching TV, observing the 8tv chat when the nick ModCharl3n3 catches my attention. Obviously knowing its Charlene, I decided to participate in the little chat since I did have a little credit to spare on my phone and so I sent an sms to register my nick, received one for confirmation, sent a chat sms, sent another chat sms and got a reply for that. In total, I think it cost RM2.00 to SMS and wait 30 minutes for my message to appear on the screen. What a waste of time and money.

The wonder of it all is how people actually pay to send crap messages and wait for a reply from someone/anyone. Never mind if they're rich ... I'm guessing most of them are either studying or working and should be in bed at that time of the night on a weekday although some people might just be semi-nocturnal creatures like moi. However, spending money whilst wasting time and watching music videos isn't exactly a fun hobby ... especially if you do it every night.

Doesn't anyone realize the entire purpose of having SMS chats? Its a quick buck scheme. The better the response is, the more dollars the TV station and the service provider receives. Its simmilar to the 1-800 numbers ... only these take more time and effort and slowly eats away your talk-time.

I wonder if I could set something simmilar up ... do some sort of a contest and make sure it appeals to people so that I can make lots and lots of moolah MWAhahhahaha! Off to help mom pack some stuff away ... Cherrio



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