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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Good morning. Its 10.30 am on my clock and I was woken up by ... the sound of life in the house *lol* I think you guys by now would wonder why am I so free to write blogs, and lengthy ones at that. Well I just finished college and I'm simply TOO free with NOTHING to do ... besides moving house heh heh. I need a job but I'm just to lazy to get my ass out there and look for a job. Then again I'm not desperate enough to go knocking on people's doors asking them whether they need a janitor *giggle*

Jessica Choong Chui Ling is making her way over from Taman Tun to find me for breakfast about I dunno what about my cookies .... a business opportunity perhaps ? :) Mom is baking tarts today which means I'll probably spend the day packing or cleaning or something else that mom deems fruitful, which reminds me I need to do the laundry. I've saved about 1 week's worth of laundry up till today (No wonder I've run out of clothes to wear). The weather seems nice and sunny. With all that rain in KL, I hope today will be a hot sunny day so that I can dry my clothes in peace.

Whats your favourite Mamak ? My current fave is the one next to 7-11 in Sri Petaling. It serves excellent Nasi Lemak and well sometimes it can become a babe fest ... babes in pyjamas mind you :P Anyhow, I picked VJ up from the Brickfields Monorail last night and sent him home to shower. While there, I chatted with Jasmine, his landlord cum housemate cum best friend's sister. We couldn't make too much noise because baby Ben was sleeping. After VJ habis mandi, we went to our favourite old town mamak, the one on a corner oppositte the market. I think that mamak will be my regular joint when I move over to section 6.

Gonna run to the shower while waiting for Jess to get here and then chuck some clothes into the washer. ta Ta


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    Oits, me still reading ar.. so dont ever think of quitting :) Oh yea, if u see Chooi Ling again.. tell her I say Hi ark.. its Deth here.. u_u

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