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Sunday, July 18, 2004

whats next ? dogs ???

Was at the old-town mamak with VJ not too long ago where the first thing that caught my eyes was a cat trying to eat a cockroach. It was amusing to see the cute kitty pawing the tiny cockroach and then holding it down for a while and then letting it go only to find it still alive and then runs after it and paws it and the cycle continued untill someone kicked the cat and the cockroach got away alive. We were both unusually quiet today ... picked him up after dinner with mom and Godma at medan selera. He was dressed up in a nice blue shirt ... no occasion, just dressed up. Went to Mont Kiara to pick up his wallet from his friend and then headed to bangsar for a stroll following which we ended up in the mamak anyway.
The day started with mom kicking me out of bed (as usual) to get ready for my interview in Subang today. The interviewer was quite good looking ... fair and with braces though he spoke a little to softly. I would have expected a better job scope but after all that explaining (with me straining my ears to listen) he shoves a commission slip under my nose explaining the commission scheme the company uses. In other words .. its just another sales job. I know I'm NOT made for sales ... I'm just hopeless because I don't think I can cut even ONE miserable deal so there goes the job ... time to look for more.
Nothing much between interview and mamak ... cleaned the new house and went to church. Gonna play wordscape and then go sleep .. working at 10 tomorrow. Nitey nitez !! :)