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Saturday, July 03, 2004

What a Day

It took a lot of thought before I finally decided to write a blog. My previous attempts at writing a diary have failed and I soon would need to clear up those incomplete books. I'm sitting here with Cheng Wan snoring behind me in my very messy computer room staring at the screen thinking of what to write. It is after all my first attempt at a blog and I wonder how long I would survive this attempt.

The snoring stops, I turn around .. he just turned. I hope the sound of me typing doesn't wake him up. I still can't figure out what I want to do today. I surprisingly received my paycheck rather early but I would still need to wait till monday before I get to see the cash so till then .. I'm still B R O K E !!

Vifa Championships start today. Vifa by-the-way stands for the Valley International Foosball Association to be held from the 3rd (today) till 5th of July at Breakers Sri Hartamas. For those who don't know me yet, foosball is my latest addiction and well ... you could say passion. Its a fun game that comprises of 26 plastic men, 9 balls, metal rods and wooden handles played by 2 or more humans controlling the 13 men each.

I can usually be found playing foosball every other day at Club 7 in SS15 Subang. As most people know, most of my hard earned money goes towards funding my addiction. At least foos isn't as expensive as cars or as dangerous as pot right ? I'm even cutting down on the cigga sticks to save up for a few games of foos. Maybe I'll write about ways to save money in future :)

Spiderman ... I tried Leisure Mall on Thursday night but tickets for the night were almost sold out leaving the first-row seats available with no takers. I'm not that desperate to watch man in a rubber suit yet so I might try my luck later, as soon as CW wakes up.

By the way Cheng Wan is kinda like a brother to me. No he's not my bf .. he's just a little then a month younger than me and we're well like siblings. He doesn't have a sister and I don't have a brother. He's quite cute so girls, If you're interested ...... :P

Brrr ... what to write what to write .. Its 3.18 pm at this point and I haven't had breakfast or lunch. I slept pretty well last night so I don't really feel tired. Think jo .. I can't play chor tai tee or mahjongg alone now can I ? Maybe I'll just leave CW here and run off to PJ to deliver the cookies, get some moolah and come home quietly. Maybe he wouldn't even know I was gone. *lightbulb*

Yes yes I will do that ... I'll probably be back later .................. Signing Off!


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