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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Tongue Tied

I forgot to write yesterday!!! Was woken up by a phone call saying that he had to postpone the interview from Monday to Tuesday. And so I thought maybe I could buy a little more time sleeping but then Errol calls me to tell me to fax my resume in to Earth Wind and Fire. I decided to make a whole nice presentation out of it so I got to work on a one-paged CV, composed a cover letter, and put some of my copywriting assignments into print. It took such a long time to finish that and I finally showered and was out of the house by 4.30 I think. EWF happens to sit along Jalan Gasing and is literally a stone's throw away from that house. I think I'd definitely be able to see it if I stood on the roof or something ... its THAT near!!!

After dropping the resume in, Mom and I went to the house to clear up the mess in the porch. Clear clear clear, took some newspapers downstairs and started my sneezing fits once again. We thought traffic would be ok at 6pm but boy were we wrong ... well the roundabout was still clear but I wasn't in a mood to sit in the Old Klang Road jam so I took the NPE back home. Since there was nothing much to do .. I plonked myself in front of the TV and watched Powerpuff Girls and then some movie about Robin Hood's Daughter on Disney whilst having dinner.

Didn't do much for the rest of the night ... went to bed at about 12.

Woke up pretty early today coz Yew Gene was going to bring someone to see the house. He came by at around 10.30 and then 2 dudes came along. They're 2 Thai guys who work as managers or so they say. Pretty friendly dudes ... prolly in their late 20s or so. Looked around the house .. and then we sat down and had a nice chat. I suppose they're getting a pretty good deal with the house being almost fully furnished!

After they left .. I took a shower and washed my hair and then watched garfield while mom went to deliver a cake and some tarts. The movie is pretty ok I guess ... a talking cat who is best friends with a dog. I must say Odie looks uglier in the movie than I'd imagine.

The interview was bad. I've never been so tongue tied in my life before. I know I had many questions to ask but they just didn't come to mind at that point! The interviewer himself seemed pretty nervous so that wasn't exactly a confidence booster. It didn't last very long .. I think I was out of there by 3pm. Took a long route to get to KL and then got to the US Embassy to get a Visa form for Aileen Jie's Joe since they're busy being new parents, its the least I can do for them.

Took another long route home coz I think Jln Tun Razak was pretty jammed all the way till Sungai Besi. Got home and here I am ... still in one piece and I think my contacts are blurring heh heh. Gonna get them off and then maybe catch a short nap. Might or might not write tonight .. see how lah ! Goodnight :P


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