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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Something Hilarious Happened .....

On the way home from Low Yat Plaza. Jess and me were getting into the car to get home. The thing about Kancils is, they really have fragile handles. I think the first that went was her back-door handle and now its the front passenger side door handle that went. And if that's not bad enough, the dear car's power-window on the same side was off-allignment which made the door open when the window was winding down. At first this seemed pretty amusing .. and my dear friend decided to wind down the window to open the door for me. After I got into the car, I tried winding up the window but the glass was so badly unaligned, it just looked like it was off it's rockers. We frantically tried to get it back up but guess what, the whole piece came off the hook and fell straight into the door. We got out of the carpark and were on our way to send me back when it started to rain. A drizzle would have been nice but NO! it decided to pour. So poor Moi sat there with half her body drenched by the time we reached Sri Petaling.

And so the day went on. Jojo bought a new optical mouse and plugged it in. Soon after, I decided to seize the moment and jump into bed for a few winks with the nice cool weather. Woke up not too long after to get to work.

Kids can be irresponsible and get away with it. I wouldn't call a 15 year old girl a kid anymore. She drives me up the wall by not practising her work. And if thats bad, her work seems to get worse by the week. We've only gotten through 4 lines of a Sonatina and she just can't seem to get it. I don't like screaming at older kids .. girls especially so I just nag and boy can I nag. Thank goodness the kid after that was much better ... an angel in fact.

Went home for dinner and then to pick VJ up from the KL Sentral Monorail before heading to Mid Valley to collect our tickets for Labahman (oops I meant Spiderman) :P The movie was ok .. but I think Kristen Dunst aka Mary Jane wasn't acted out very well. The more I watch, the more I think she's spastic. No offence to her fans .. I guess I just don't think she acts that well. Then again I can't act for nuts so who am I to say ...

I just read an article about a student who was killed in a fight .. Adry told me bouttit this morning but I didn't think twice about it coz it isn't anyone I know untill Euji asked me whether I heard of a fight that broke out in Sri Hartamas. Oh well .. life is short so make full use of it and I beg and pray .. gangsterism is for kids so please ... know your priorities!

Going to read a lil bout html so that I can spice this friggin page up before you guys sleep reading through. And by the way .. Jess drove to the workshop with a black garbage bag taped to her window ... just for a while :) Goodnight