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Saturday, July 10, 2004

me first interview!!!!

Shuh Huei woke me up at around 9 to go for the Lorea'l Sale. As much as I wanted to, somehow I just couldn't be bothered. Tried going back to sleep but the phone rang again soon after. AsianAd called me up for and Interview *wooooohoooooooo!!!* I jumped right out of bed and did a victory lap around the house like a wild boar :P

12pm .. went to teach. Nothing extraordinary about work ... a very usual day at work ... in other words boring lah ! Come to think of it, I didn't do much today. Then again I don't do much anyway hehe. My routines hardly vary. Its this to this to that to this and that and the cycle just repeats itself. After work, I came home to nap and then woke up for 1 more class at 6. Came home after work, took a shower, had dinner, went to deliver stuff to Aunty Ainul, came home, talk to mom a while ... and went to 7 to foos.

Foos foos foos ... and foos .... Adry wasn't there so me tarak partner to play coz 7 was pretttttttty quiet earlier in the evening. Went to the mamak with Jess and Errol at about 12.30, left the mamak at 1 .... came home ... someone called ... talked till 2 .... well I think i'll be able to sleep more in days to come. No more hanging on the phone till late .. I guess :)

I had a pretty good day ... managed to clear up some stuff with someone ... I guess falling in love ain't as easy as it seems :) Going to clean section 6 house before my mother attempts to DRAG me off my chair. Will write tonight =ciaOz=