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Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Joyluck Club

I nearly forgot I haven't written today. I'm actually sniffing from the very touching movie I just watched. A girl at work - Nicolle, loaned me a VCD based on the book The Joyluck Club. I've read the book before so the movie was basically bringing the book to life. At certain points of the movie, I felt like I could relate to their thoughts and feelings. After all, my mother was somewhat like a traditional chinese yet modern mother. Now I understand that sometimes, our parents do not want us to be or do something, but they are only hoping for the best in us. *sob*

I started my day with mom kicking me out of bed to go deliver pineapple tarts to Aunty Dolly for her. Nope I'm not kidding, and its not just a nickname. There really is an Aunty Dolly and mind you, she really is a doll :) After that I was battling with myself whether to go home and pick up my dreams from where I cut them off or to go and foos or to go and renew my driver's license. I did neither .. I ended up in Cheras Perdana for 'Char-Siew-Fan' with miss Mandy Koon.

Initially, we were planning to go down to Kajang to get my license done as well as find Cheng Wan and I was secretly hoping to get a chance sneak up on someone. I did neither yet again and ended up planting my fat arse on the lazy chair watching a VCD (I don't recall the name of the show .. only remember there's Ben Affleck and J-Lo) but I didn't get to finish the show coz I had to leave at 3 to run to JPJ to renew my license.

I stopped by the photo shop on the way out to get an instant photo taken and then I basically flew to PJ to catch the last number at JPJ. Its amazing how 1 day can make such a big difference. My probational driver's license ends on the 7th (today lah) so it was actually valid at the time I renewed it which meant I could only renew it for a year. If I had gone tomorrow, I could have renewed it for 5 years but decided not to go back tomorrow and just get the 1 year renewal. I'll bother about the rest next year.

Came home soon after, took a short nap when someone called me. I got up and paced the house before going back to sleep at 6 and waking up at 7 and then going straight to work and returning at 8.30 following which we had dinner and then went to Carrefour to pick up some groceries. Someone called at about 10.30 and we talked till about 12 and then I went to give mommy a massage while watching Joyluck Club. Kinda tired so I guess I'll be calling it a night. I miss this rainy weather and I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly hope these rainy days won't end :) Nite nite


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