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Monday, July 12, 2004

Jittery Nerves

I'm gonna piss my panties soon .. I'm so so so anxious bout tomorrow's interview. I don't know how I'm gonna sleep tonight. Maybe I'll just read Potter again till I doze off ... yea I think I'll do that heh heh.

*burp* I can't believe I'm still so full from dinner. Was at Mary's ( My Ex-Colleague from Double Vision ) wedding. It was a pretty ordinary 8-course Chinese Dinner at Spring Court Restaurant in Melia hotel. Being the pig that I am, the food was pretty ok. Nothing sucky about it ... I'm a pig. Period.

My day started off initially at 8.30 when my alarm clock woke me up. Then I drifted back to sleep before I could set the alarm to 9.30 and I dreamt of Rachael ( my first student of the day ) in Mid Valley at a pet shop wearing denim overalls asking me why I was there and not at the studio teaching her and then I woke up. It was 9.40 .. just enough time for me to jump into the shower, grab a cuppa and run off to work. Taught the usual bunch up till 3 and then ran home to take another shower before heading to the hair salon.

Got Karen ( the 'stylist' ) to give me a wash and press my hair into soft tiny zig-zags ( something like /\/\/\/\/\/\ ) and then headed home. Tried to take a nap .. couldn't ... read a lil Potter, washed my face and started getting ready at about 6. Rudi SMS-ed me at 6.30 to tell me that he'll be arriving at 7.30 so I took my own sweet time and left at 7. He called .. asking where I was and I said I'm about to leave my house. He said he was already there. And so I flew out, stopped by the ATM to get some cash .. and flew down to KL. I thought traffic would be minimal judging by the smooth traffic all the way down Jln Sungai Besi .. and then I reach Persimpangan Edinburgh and I'm stuck right in the middle of the crossroad. How nice indeed ...

Finally arrived at the hotel at about 7.50 to find Rudi waiting for me with a pretty mad face ... heheh I did keep him waiting for 50 minutes after all. Greeted the bride and groom and made our way to the tables. Made friends with the guy sitting on my left and chatted with Rudi who was sitting on my right. Had dinner .. *burp* chatted ... ate drank and was merry not forgetting the infamous "YUM SING" competition, smiled alot ... laughed a lot ..... ate alot .... and left :P

VJ came across the road to see me then decided to send him back. Got back to his place, took a shower and changed into more normal clothes and stripped off the grime we women call make-up off my face. Went to Kavitha's curry house .. had a drink .. sent VJ home and came back. Gave mom a hand rub and now I'm sitting here puffing my life away and not even yawning and I'm still darned bloated .. I mean I had a fair share of every dish ... I mean I didn't overeat or anything. Could be that ruddy glutinous rice ... but it was good.

Gonna play a game of wordscape then lie in bed and read Potter till I fall asleep. Goodnight and Congratulations Mary !!!!


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