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Saturday, July 24, 2004

How Low can you Go?

I returned home from foosball rather agitated today. Although it was only RM2 … Losing one games' worth of foosball and skipping a turn was precious time lost. There is this el-cheapo guy lurking in Café 7 who just doesn’t like forking out his own money to play foos. Perhaps he thinks he gets away unnoticed but many people have encountered losing their coins one time too many. Honestly, I felt like punching him but then I decided against it because I’m a girl and also because I wouldn’t want another brutal murder ala Darren Kang happening.

People like this should be shot. Its robbery in broad daylight (night :P) I never liked this guy because of his arrogance and his bloody “lansi” face. Maybe I won’t complain as much if he were a more likeable person with a friendlier approach who doesn’t talk LOUDLY about people right behind their backs. It would probably help more if he were a better player and not a rash, compulsive and opportunistic person who can only do a rather bad push snake and nothing else. Can’t blame the world for blocking your shots now can you?

Oh well … yet another funny character walking this world. I hope somebody devices a better system to safe keep our coins while we wander around. Perhaps a smart system could be created to identify players or something. Either shoot players like that bastard or just keep a close eye on our money. Wait a second … we were keeping a close eye on the money since we placed it on the table. I suppose it wasn’t wise to ‘cari-pasal’ in a place like that hence the above mentioned reasons.

At least I received my satisfaction in whooping his ass in two games. Lesson learnt: You get what you pay for. Its no surprise people like him don’t go far in life … add that to the list of ‘sampah masyarakat’

Anywayz … we’re about halfway through moving over. About half of our things are over in PJ already. I think all my things would be there in a couple more trips to come. What we need now is a reasonably priced lorry for hire to transport a few big items i.e. my piano, the bookshelf, mom’s antique oven (that’s still in perfect working condition judging from the quality of my cookies), more antique tables and chairs and errr … mom’s rocking chair.

Once we’ve settled in, I’ll try to persuade mom to cook up something for a housewarming. If we do get around to doing that, I’ll be sure to invite you guys over for some home-cooked food. Going to throw more stuff away and pack what’s important now. Oh yeah by the way, I apologize for the other day’s account as it disappeared after writing something around this length which got me pissed resulting in the super short post.