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Friday, July 09, 2004

Foos BoLLz

Just got home from foos. I think I might just slow down the foosing a lil ... I suppose its just not my season. Dunno why but I just don't have the mood to play ... perhaps its Foos PMS heh heh. Anyway .. I didn't go out the whole day ... helped mom with the tarts and then took a looooong nap. Delivered some tarts to Aunty Ainul and then came back for dinner. After dinner, Daniel sms-ed me to go to 7 and I replied saying I'll be there. Just as I was about to hit the shower, Charlene called me to go yumchar since she was near my place.

Darren, may you rest in peace. My condolences to Darren's mom and dad and to Win See. Its funny how small the world is. I know how it feels to lose someone you love. Oh well .. I had a pretty uneventful day and I guess I just don't feel like writing. Gonna continue playing Wordscape. Nitey Night :)


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