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Monday, July 19, 2004

Early morning Dim Sum

Jahat ... I was dragged out of bed at 2 am to go have dimsum with Mandy, Jon, Cheng Wan, Lucas, Pei Lyn, Woontian and Rubeni. I have to admit I wouldn't have gone if it wasn't because Rubeni was there coz I needed my sleep ... oh well
*yawn* I just got home from Cheras Perdana mamak stall ... the one dubbed "kuey-teow goreng" where I had the usual Roti Kosong and a milo-ais. Prior to that, we were at Mandy's house/the private gambling den where we had a 3-kaki mahjong table in the kitchen and a poker game going on in the hall. The first round was played by Mandy, Pei Lyn and me then Shuh Huei came and took over Mandy's place. The boys ( Cheng Wan, Jonathan, Lucas, Woontian and Eric ) were occupied with their game of poker.
Yes yes ... I think I'll try abstaining from Mahjongg for a while ... at least till Mandy comes home next. Oh well ... I'm pretty much bored. Perhaps I should just concentrate on packing and moving for the time being....
Today was yet another boring Sunday ... with work starting at 10 and ended at 3 following which I had a drink with Melvyn before heading home to lepak while waiting for evening to come where I could go and play Mahjongg. I don't think I want to become a mahjongg freak ... addictions are never good especially if you don't have substantial finances *grin*
I guess I'll learn just well enough to understand the game and play it well enough to not get ripped-off.
Gonna turn in now .. I guess I'll take mom to Kajang in the morning/afternoon to do her hair while I run off to see William and then yumchar with Cheng Wan and Lucas. Cherrio


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