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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

An early kickstart

My day officially started at 5.30am today. My pet-sis Aileen's hubby - Joe came down to get his US Visa done and I rendered my services as driver for the day. Joe said he's taking the midnight bus down and should be arriving at about 4.30am. I slept pretty late the previous night so I told Joe to give me a call before he arrives so that I can get my fat-ass off the sheets and into the shower before picking him up.
Alarm rang at 4am ... No sign of miss call or SMS so I conveniently snoozed back to dreamland before more alarms got me up and I finally sent an SMS to Joe at about 5.20am (I think) following which I received a reply at about 5.45am saying he had arrived and will wait for me at 7-11. It was pouring and *brrrrr* I really wished I could just sleep in that weather but a promise is a promise so I took the usual cold shower and arrived at puduraya around 6.30am
It was still dark and I don't think the embassy would be open that early so we drove around town looking for a decent place to have breakfast. I must have driven around in circles before I found a shop that was actually open for business already. Most of the places were just beginning to open shop at that unearthly hour. We ended up at the corner of Jln Bandar (I think) across the Klang bus stand and the Pasar Seni LRT to have 1tonne mee.
The time by then was 7.30 and the sun was starting to shine. Bought some papers and drove down to the embassy to find a line of people already waiting there. We submitted the forms attached with the necessary documents and voila! We were done ... and at that time of the morning, KLCC was definitely NOT open for business yet so Joe decided to go back to Pudu and jump on the next bus home which happened to be at 8.30am. What an eventful trip ... 10 hours on the road just for 5 stupid minutes at the embassy. Anyhow, the application should go through within the next few days and the documents can be collected by anyone provided they produce the collection card.
Called Matt after dropping Joe off and since Matt was at the registration department, I decided to go there and get my IC[MyKad] done after all. We waited till about 10-ish before our numbers were called. I managed to finish off the thing in about 20 minutes but poor Matt couldn't apply for his because he already had a new IC made in 2001 which he hasn't collected yet from Maju Junction so we headed there after I was done applying for mine.
Maju Junction is huge! The registration dept. actually sits in the carpark of the mall. We went all the freaking way there only to find that Matt needs to pay a late-collection fine of RM100 which we both didn't have at that moment. We tried to come up with a sob-story about him studying in Australia for the past 3 years. The lady was smart nonetheless and ask for some for of proof i.e his Passport. *KANTOI*
We headed down to Hartamas from there coz Matt wanted to go see his boss. We walked over to Playaz club [crossing our fingers that it would be open] to foos a little. We had the whole place and 6 tables to ourselves to play. After finishing up the coins, we went downstairs for some roti Pisang and Canai.
Sent Matt home and then went to the new house to clean it out even more. Came home and took a very very short nap before mom hollered for dinner. I abandoned my PC to go for dinner and later on, to teach 2 students.
Came home from work at about 9 and then VJ asked me to go mamak with him so I picked him up and we ended up at the usual old town mamak where I had scrumptious Roti Bom. Sent VJ home and watched Chui Ling (Mod Rox) on the 8tv Quickie. Poor girl was quite nervous I'd think ....
*yawn* I think its time for me to sleep. Sweet Dreams =)


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