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Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Darndest Thing

Can't Sleep Can't Sleep! This is the 4th and hopefully the last time I walk into this room to take a puff. I suppose its simply too early for me to turn in judging from my sleeping habits this week on top of the afternoon naps I've been taking. I've got an interview on Monday so I think I should get sufficient rest before my eyes look like I spilled mascara all over them ( well they already do actually )

Mom is getting forgetful. She woke me up at about 10 to go deliver tarts and then go clean out the house. I finally got my arse out of bed and told her to bring a change of clothes so we could go to church after that ( that would mean I go to church today AND I don't have to spend the WHOLE day cleaning ) But then .. mom shrieked and something like this came out :
Mom : Church ? Today ? Do you know what day it is ?
Me : Yea .. Its a Saturday
Mom : Are you sure ?
Me : Positive .. check the papers
Mom : My apple pie! Cancel Plans I need to bake !!!!!

And then she runs to the kitchen to prepare the raisins and the apples and the butter for the apple pie and I run off to Guardian to pick up some toiletries and then to the mamak to grab a bite.

Why do people still look at me as though I'm an alien when they see me puffing away ? Have you not seen a girl who smokes ??? A colleague saw me smoking and before she acted as if nothing happened, I could see her eyes widened and then she cooly said HI! having lunch ? I know it's not very errr ... ladylike for women to smoke but correct me if I'm wrong ... dating back to the 18th century, women smoked cigarattes very openly in front of men and guests. No discrimination back then now was there ?

That brings me to my next point. Why do people perceive smokers as filth, junk, rebels, useless people ? I do admit the nicotine has been taking toll on my previously brighter brain but it doesn't make me un-smart neither does it make me a "sampah masyarakat" as I do think I fare better then some people who waste their time with far worse things. Smoking is merely a habit .. everyone has habits. Apart from the tobacco sticks, I have a habit of biting my nails, shaking my legs, pouting when I talk ( mom discovered recently ) and loads of other things. Why don't we get expelled or detained for doing any of the latter in school ?

To all you smokers out there .. I would guess you're old enough to distinguish healthy from unhealthy. We know whats in store for us every puff we take. But apart from being a horrid habit, some of us think of the good ol' smokey a breath of relief, a stress reliever, an inspiration. Non-smokers think of it as an excuse .. but if it were merely an excuse .. why don't we stop ? Why are we not taking the initiative to kill the habit before it kills us ? Why did my dad not stop before it was too late ? This is a question only true smokers can answer. I would appreciate it if someone agreed with me ... yes ? no ?? Well just be grateful I'm not hooked onto anything worse than ciggies K ?

Anyone fancies "Yong Tau Foo" ? Let me know and I'll hook you up with one of the best YTF's I've ever tasted. Up to date, there are only two places that serve excellent YTF .. one in PJ Old Town's "Medan Selera" and the other in some remote place in Ampang ( REMOTE means its NOT the FAMOUS AMPANG YONG TAU FOO ).

Sauntered home after YTF and plopped onto my bed reading Harry Potter (the 3rd book the 3rd time). Interrupted myself a few times to shave my eyebrows, smoke, try on the dress I'm wearing tomorrow, smoke, back to reading, grab a drink, smoke and then decided that It's gonna be the last time I'm getting out of my comfy bed to do anything. Back to bed .. beep me there if I'm needed. Cheers ~~~~~


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