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Friday, July 16, 2004

An Aptitude Test perhaps ?

In less than 200 words, describe a recent advertising campaign and jot down your reason as to why you think this campaign was successful. That was one question asked during my interview today and I was given approximately 1 hour to complete that and another task of drawing up an ad for some 21st century slimming patch.
That’s how my day started and I think I've either managed to regulate my time or I'm just up at odd hours coz I can't seem to stay awake till 2 am anymore. Nothing much happened today except for the interview and work today. Yesterday was spent cleaning and about 7 games of foosball at Rack. Still not in the mood to play so I don't think I'll be playing tonight ... see my mood lah :P
I haven’t been in the mood for much lately ... sorted out some student arrangements earlier at the office. I had to think before talking in case I misinterpreted what I said giving the boss a wrong impression causing her to lash at me. I nicely explained why I can’t teach the 6pm girl anymore and I think she bought it. Anyway, there is a new teacher coming in soon so I guess she could take over my Grade 5 students from then on.
After I post this, I guess I’ll run along to Aunty Dolly’s place to deliver 2 cakes and 5 boxes of tarts, fresh from the oven. MAYBE I’ll go over to 7 … just MAYBE … IF I’m in the mood. Got another interview tomorrow morning (I think) … need to check the time later. I guess I won’t write tonight … maybe tomorrow. Have a good Weekend! :)