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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Yay I got an interview!!!

Mom drags me out of bed for nothing .... and I refused to get up so I went back to sleep till about 11.30 when I woke up to help her with the tarts.

Thats how my day started ... wake up - tarts. Brought more stuff over to the house because mom managed to get the lorry for Thursday which means the BIG day is on Thursday. Incidentally, I got a call from Dentsu today asking me to go over for a little "chat" on Thursday morning. Talk about perfect timing ... I didn't want to say no AGAIN and get hung up on so I agreed. I suppose if the interview didn't last too long, I would have time to come back and help with the moving.

My life is utterly boring. Last night, I was hanging out at the old house watching TV, observing the 8tv chat when the nick ModCharl3n3 catches my attention. Obviously knowing its Charlene, I decided to participate in the little chat since I did have a little credit to spare on my phone and so I sent an sms to register my nick, received one for confirmation, sent a chat sms, sent another chat sms and got a reply for that. In total, I think it cost RM2.00 to SMS and wait 30 minutes for my message to appear on the screen. What a waste of time and money.

The wonder of it all is how people actually pay to send crap messages and wait for a reply from someone/anyone. Never mind if they're rich ... I'm guessing most of them are either studying or working and should be in bed at that time of the night on a weekday although some people might just be semi-nocturnal creatures like moi. However, spending money whilst wasting time and watching music videos isn't exactly a fun hobby ... especially if you do it every night.

Doesn't anyone realize the entire purpose of having SMS chats? Its a quick buck scheme. The better the response is, the more dollars the TV station and the service provider receives. Its simmilar to the 1-800 numbers ... only these take more time and effort and slowly eats away your talk-time.

I wonder if I could set something simmilar up ... do some sort of a contest and make sure it appeals to people so that I can make lots and lots of moolah MWAhahhahaha! Off to help mom pack some stuff away ... Cherrio


Change of plans!!!

Hey guys ... mom managed to get a lorry+labour for thursday so the big day will be on thursday. IF u guys are free you're more than welcome to drop by ... as for Saturday .. well i'll keep you posted on whats going on lah! Gotta run to move my clothes and shoes ... catcha all later! Love ya!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2004

A picture as promised ... my latest - taken with Ivan at 12SI on June 4 2004 Posted by Hello

Me Sorry

Hey guys ... I apologize for the irregular posts as I am simply too occupied with the moving I haven't had much time or energy to write. I'll try to write at least every two days ok ? *hugs* and btw ... the big moving day is on Saturday so people, if you're strong, healthy and available on that day do come by to say byebye to the Sri Petaling house and Hello to the new PJ house ya ?? !! :) Cheers

Saturday, July 24, 2004

How Low can you Go?

I returned home from foosball rather agitated today. Although it was only RM2 … Losing one games' worth of foosball and skipping a turn was precious time lost. There is this el-cheapo guy lurking in Café 7 who just doesn’t like forking out his own money to play foos. Perhaps he thinks he gets away unnoticed but many people have encountered losing their coins one time too many. Honestly, I felt like punching him but then I decided against it because I’m a girl and also because I wouldn’t want another brutal murder ala Darren Kang happening.

People like this should be shot. Its robbery in broad daylight (night :P) I never liked this guy because of his arrogance and his bloody “lansi” face. Maybe I won’t complain as much if he were a more likeable person with a friendlier approach who doesn’t talk LOUDLY about people right behind their backs. It would probably help more if he were a better player and not a rash, compulsive and opportunistic person who can only do a rather bad push snake and nothing else. Can’t blame the world for blocking your shots now can you?

Oh well … yet another funny character walking this world. I hope somebody devices a better system to safe keep our coins while we wander around. Perhaps a smart system could be created to identify players or something. Either shoot players like that bastard or just keep a close eye on our money. Wait a second … we were keeping a close eye on the money since we placed it on the table. I suppose it wasn’t wise to ‘cari-pasal’ in a place like that hence the above mentioned reasons.

At least I received my satisfaction in whooping his ass in two games. Lesson learnt: You get what you pay for. Its no surprise people like him don’t go far in life … add that to the list of ‘sampah masyarakat’

Anywayz … we’re about halfway through moving over. About half of our things are over in PJ already. I think all my things would be there in a couple more trips to come. What we need now is a reasonably priced lorry for hire to transport a few big items i.e. my piano, the bookshelf, mom’s antique oven (that’s still in perfect working condition judging from the quality of my cookies), more antique tables and chairs and errr … mom’s rocking chair.

Once we’ve settled in, I’ll try to persuade mom to cook up something for a housewarming. If we do get around to doing that, I’ll be sure to invite you guys over for some home-cooked food. Going to throw more stuff away and pack what’s important now. Oh yeah by the way, I apologize for the other day’s account as it disappeared after writing something around this length which got me pissed resulting in the super short post.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Something for a change

damned.... lost the entire blog!!! Hmph... lazy to write again. goodnight

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

An early kickstart

My day officially started at 5.30am today. My pet-sis Aileen's hubby - Joe came down to get his US Visa done and I rendered my services as driver for the day. Joe said he's taking the midnight bus down and should be arriving at about 4.30am. I slept pretty late the previous night so I told Joe to give me a call before he arrives so that I can get my fat-ass off the sheets and into the shower before picking him up.
Alarm rang at 4am ... No sign of miss call or SMS so I conveniently snoozed back to dreamland before more alarms got me up and I finally sent an SMS to Joe at about 5.20am (I think) following which I received a reply at about 5.45am saying he had arrived and will wait for me at 7-11. It was pouring and *brrrrr* I really wished I could just sleep in that weather but a promise is a promise so I took the usual cold shower and arrived at puduraya around 6.30am
It was still dark and I don't think the embassy would be open that early so we drove around town looking for a decent place to have breakfast. I must have driven around in circles before I found a shop that was actually open for business already. Most of the places were just beginning to open shop at that unearthly hour. We ended up at the corner of Jln Bandar (I think) across the Klang bus stand and the Pasar Seni LRT to have 1tonne mee.
The time by then was 7.30 and the sun was starting to shine. Bought some papers and drove down to the embassy to find a line of people already waiting there. We submitted the forms attached with the necessary documents and voila! We were done ... and at that time of the morning, KLCC was definitely NOT open for business yet so Joe decided to go back to Pudu and jump on the next bus home which happened to be at 8.30am. What an eventful trip ... 10 hours on the road just for 5 stupid minutes at the embassy. Anyhow, the application should go through within the next few days and the documents can be collected by anyone provided they produce the collection card.
Called Matt after dropping Joe off and since Matt was at the registration department, I decided to go there and get my IC[MyKad] done after all. We waited till about 10-ish before our numbers were called. I managed to finish off the thing in about 20 minutes but poor Matt couldn't apply for his because he already had a new IC made in 2001 which he hasn't collected yet from Maju Junction so we headed there after I was done applying for mine.
Maju Junction is huge! The registration dept. actually sits in the carpark of the mall. We went all the freaking way there only to find that Matt needs to pay a late-collection fine of RM100 which we both didn't have at that moment. We tried to come up with a sob-story about him studying in Australia for the past 3 years. The lady was smart nonetheless and ask for some for of proof i.e his Passport. *KANTOI*
We headed down to Hartamas from there coz Matt wanted to go see his boss. We walked over to Playaz club [crossing our fingers that it would be open] to foos a little. We had the whole place and 6 tables to ourselves to play. After finishing up the coins, we went downstairs for some roti Pisang and Canai.
Sent Matt home and then went to the new house to clean it out even more. Came home and took a very very short nap before mom hollered for dinner. I abandoned my PC to go for dinner and later on, to teach 2 students.
Came home from work at about 9 and then VJ asked me to go mamak with him so I picked him up and we ended up at the usual old town mamak where I had scrumptious Roti Bom. Sent VJ home and watched Chui Ling (Mod Rox) on the 8tv Quickie. Poor girl was quite nervous I'd think ....
*yawn* I think its time for me to sleep. Sweet Dreams =)

Monday, July 19, 2004

Early morning Dim Sum

Jahat ... I was dragged out of bed at 2 am to go have dimsum with Mandy, Jon, Cheng Wan, Lucas, Pei Lyn, Woontian and Rubeni. I have to admit I wouldn't have gone if it wasn't because Rubeni was there coz I needed my sleep ... oh well
*yawn* I just got home from Cheras Perdana mamak stall ... the one dubbed "kuey-teow goreng" where I had the usual Roti Kosong and a milo-ais. Prior to that, we were at Mandy's house/the private gambling den where we had a 3-kaki mahjong table in the kitchen and a poker game going on in the hall. The first round was played by Mandy, Pei Lyn and me then Shuh Huei came and took over Mandy's place. The boys ( Cheng Wan, Jonathan, Lucas, Woontian and Eric ) were occupied with their game of poker.
Yes yes ... I think I'll try abstaining from Mahjongg for a while ... at least till Mandy comes home next. Oh well ... I'm pretty much bored. Perhaps I should just concentrate on packing and moving for the time being....
Today was yet another boring Sunday ... with work starting at 10 and ended at 3 following which I had a drink with Melvyn before heading home to lepak while waiting for evening to come where I could go and play Mahjongg. I don't think I want to become a mahjongg freak ... addictions are never good especially if you don't have substantial finances *grin*
I guess I'll learn just well enough to understand the game and play it well enough to not get ripped-off.
Gonna turn in now .. I guess I'll take mom to Kajang in the morning/afternoon to do her hair while I run off to see William and then yumchar with Cheng Wan and Lucas. Cherrio

Sunday, July 18, 2004

whats next ? dogs ???

Was at the old-town mamak with VJ not too long ago where the first thing that caught my eyes was a cat trying to eat a cockroach. It was amusing to see the cute kitty pawing the tiny cockroach and then holding it down for a while and then letting it go only to find it still alive and then runs after it and paws it and the cycle continued untill someone kicked the cat and the cockroach got away alive. We were both unusually quiet today ... picked him up after dinner with mom and Godma at medan selera. He was dressed up in a nice blue shirt ... no occasion, just dressed up. Went to Mont Kiara to pick up his wallet from his friend and then headed to bangsar for a stroll following which we ended up in the mamak anyway.
The day started with mom kicking me out of bed (as usual) to get ready for my interview in Subang today. The interviewer was quite good looking ... fair and with braces though he spoke a little to softly. I would have expected a better job scope but after all that explaining (with me straining my ears to listen) he shoves a commission slip under my nose explaining the commission scheme the company uses. In other words .. its just another sales job. I know I'm NOT made for sales ... I'm just hopeless because I don't think I can cut even ONE miserable deal so there goes the job ... time to look for more.
Nothing much between interview and mamak ... cleaned the new house and went to church. Gonna play wordscape and then go sleep .. working at 10 tomorrow. Nitey nitez !! :)

Friday, July 16, 2004

An Aptitude Test perhaps ?

In less than 200 words, describe a recent advertising campaign and jot down your reason as to why you think this campaign was successful. That was one question asked during my interview today and I was given approximately 1 hour to complete that and another task of drawing up an ad for some 21st century slimming patch.
That’s how my day started and I think I've either managed to regulate my time or I'm just up at odd hours coz I can't seem to stay awake till 2 am anymore. Nothing much happened today except for the interview and work today. Yesterday was spent cleaning and about 7 games of foosball at Rack. Still not in the mood to play so I don't think I'll be playing tonight ... see my mood lah :P
I haven’t been in the mood for much lately ... sorted out some student arrangements earlier at the office. I had to think before talking in case I misinterpreted what I said giving the boss a wrong impression causing her to lash at me. I nicely explained why I can’t teach the 6pm girl anymore and I think she bought it. Anyway, there is a new teacher coming in soon so I guess she could take over my Grade 5 students from then on.
After I post this, I guess I’ll run along to Aunty Dolly’s place to deliver 2 cakes and 5 boxes of tarts, fresh from the oven. MAYBE I’ll go over to 7 … just MAYBE … IF I’m in the mood. Got another interview tomorrow morning (I think) … need to check the time later. I guess I won’t write tonight … maybe tomorrow. Have a good Weekend! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Tongue Tied

I forgot to write yesterday!!! Was woken up by a phone call saying that he had to postpone the interview from Monday to Tuesday. And so I thought maybe I could buy a little more time sleeping but then Errol calls me to tell me to fax my resume in to Earth Wind and Fire. I decided to make a whole nice presentation out of it so I got to work on a one-paged CV, composed a cover letter, and put some of my copywriting assignments into print. It took such a long time to finish that and I finally showered and was out of the house by 4.30 I think. EWF happens to sit along Jalan Gasing and is literally a stone's throw away from that house. I think I'd definitely be able to see it if I stood on the roof or something ... its THAT near!!!

After dropping the resume in, Mom and I went to the house to clear up the mess in the porch. Clear clear clear, took some newspapers downstairs and started my sneezing fits once again. We thought traffic would be ok at 6pm but boy were we wrong ... well the roundabout was still clear but I wasn't in a mood to sit in the Old Klang Road jam so I took the NPE back home. Since there was nothing much to do .. I plonked myself in front of the TV and watched Powerpuff Girls and then some movie about Robin Hood's Daughter on Disney whilst having dinner.

Didn't do much for the rest of the night ... went to bed at about 12.

Woke up pretty early today coz Yew Gene was going to bring someone to see the house. He came by at around 10.30 and then 2 dudes came along. They're 2 Thai guys who work as managers or so they say. Pretty friendly dudes ... prolly in their late 20s or so. Looked around the house .. and then we sat down and had a nice chat. I suppose they're getting a pretty good deal with the house being almost fully furnished!

After they left .. I took a shower and washed my hair and then watched garfield while mom went to deliver a cake and some tarts. The movie is pretty ok I guess ... a talking cat who is best friends with a dog. I must say Odie looks uglier in the movie than I'd imagine.

The interview was bad. I've never been so tongue tied in my life before. I know I had many questions to ask but they just didn't come to mind at that point! The interviewer himself seemed pretty nervous so that wasn't exactly a confidence booster. It didn't last very long .. I think I was out of there by 3pm. Took a long route to get to KL and then got to the US Embassy to get a Visa form for Aileen Jie's Joe since they're busy being new parents, its the least I can do for them.

Took another long route home coz I think Jln Tun Razak was pretty jammed all the way till Sungai Besi. Got home and here I am ... still in one piece and I think my contacts are blurring heh heh. Gonna get them off and then maybe catch a short nap. Might or might not write tonight .. see how lah ! Goodnight :P

Monday, July 12, 2004

Jittery Nerves

I'm gonna piss my panties soon .. I'm so so so anxious bout tomorrow's interview. I don't know how I'm gonna sleep tonight. Maybe I'll just read Potter again till I doze off ... yea I think I'll do that heh heh.

*burp* I can't believe I'm still so full from dinner. Was at Mary's ( My Ex-Colleague from Double Vision ) wedding. It was a pretty ordinary 8-course Chinese Dinner at Spring Court Restaurant in Melia hotel. Being the pig that I am, the food was pretty ok. Nothing sucky about it ... I'm a pig. Period.

My day started off initially at 8.30 when my alarm clock woke me up. Then I drifted back to sleep before I could set the alarm to 9.30 and I dreamt of Rachael ( my first student of the day ) in Mid Valley at a pet shop wearing denim overalls asking me why I was there and not at the studio teaching her and then I woke up. It was 9.40 .. just enough time for me to jump into the shower, grab a cuppa and run off to work. Taught the usual bunch up till 3 and then ran home to take another shower before heading to the hair salon.

Got Karen ( the 'stylist' ) to give me a wash and press my hair into soft tiny zig-zags ( something like /\/\/\/\/\/\ ) and then headed home. Tried to take a nap .. couldn't ... read a lil Potter, washed my face and started getting ready at about 6. Rudi SMS-ed me at 6.30 to tell me that he'll be arriving at 7.30 so I took my own sweet time and left at 7. He called .. asking where I was and I said I'm about to leave my house. He said he was already there. And so I flew out, stopped by the ATM to get some cash .. and flew down to KL. I thought traffic would be minimal judging by the smooth traffic all the way down Jln Sungai Besi .. and then I reach Persimpangan Edinburgh and I'm stuck right in the middle of the crossroad. How nice indeed ...

Finally arrived at the hotel at about 7.50 to find Rudi waiting for me with a pretty mad face ... heheh I did keep him waiting for 50 minutes after all. Greeted the bride and groom and made our way to the tables. Made friends with the guy sitting on my left and chatted with Rudi who was sitting on my right. Had dinner .. *burp* chatted ... ate drank and was merry not forgetting the infamous "YUM SING" competition, smiled alot ... laughed a lot ..... ate alot .... and left :P

VJ came across the road to see me then decided to send him back. Got back to his place, took a shower and changed into more normal clothes and stripped off the grime we women call make-up off my face. Went to Kavitha's curry house .. had a drink .. sent VJ home and came back. Gave mom a hand rub and now I'm sitting here puffing my life away and not even yawning and I'm still darned bloated .. I mean I had a fair share of every dish ... I mean I didn't overeat or anything. Could be that ruddy glutinous rice ... but it was good.

Gonna play a game of wordscape then lie in bed and read Potter till I fall asleep. Goodnight and Congratulations Mary !!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Darndest Thing

Can't Sleep Can't Sleep! This is the 4th and hopefully the last time I walk into this room to take a puff. I suppose its simply too early for me to turn in judging from my sleeping habits this week on top of the afternoon naps I've been taking. I've got an interview on Monday so I think I should get sufficient rest before my eyes look like I spilled mascara all over them ( well they already do actually )

Mom is getting forgetful. She woke me up at about 10 to go deliver tarts and then go clean out the house. I finally got my arse out of bed and told her to bring a change of clothes so we could go to church after that ( that would mean I go to church today AND I don't have to spend the WHOLE day cleaning ) But then .. mom shrieked and something like this came out :
Mom : Church ? Today ? Do you know what day it is ?
Me : Yea .. Its a Saturday
Mom : Are you sure ?
Me : Positive .. check the papers
Mom : My apple pie! Cancel Plans I need to bake !!!!!

And then she runs to the kitchen to prepare the raisins and the apples and the butter for the apple pie and I run off to Guardian to pick up some toiletries and then to the mamak to grab a bite.

Why do people still look at me as though I'm an alien when they see me puffing away ? Have you not seen a girl who smokes ??? A colleague saw me smoking and before she acted as if nothing happened, I could see her eyes widened and then she cooly said HI! having lunch ? I know it's not very errr ... ladylike for women to smoke but correct me if I'm wrong ... dating back to the 18th century, women smoked cigarattes very openly in front of men and guests. No discrimination back then now was there ?

That brings me to my next point. Why do people perceive smokers as filth, junk, rebels, useless people ? I do admit the nicotine has been taking toll on my previously brighter brain but it doesn't make me un-smart neither does it make me a "sampah masyarakat" as I do think I fare better then some people who waste their time with far worse things. Smoking is merely a habit .. everyone has habits. Apart from the tobacco sticks, I have a habit of biting my nails, shaking my legs, pouting when I talk ( mom discovered recently ) and loads of other things. Why don't we get expelled or detained for doing any of the latter in school ?

To all you smokers out there .. I would guess you're old enough to distinguish healthy from unhealthy. We know whats in store for us every puff we take. But apart from being a horrid habit, some of us think of the good ol' smokey a breath of relief, a stress reliever, an inspiration. Non-smokers think of it as an excuse .. but if it were merely an excuse .. why don't we stop ? Why are we not taking the initiative to kill the habit before it kills us ? Why did my dad not stop before it was too late ? This is a question only true smokers can answer. I would appreciate it if someone agreed with me ... yes ? no ?? Well just be grateful I'm not hooked onto anything worse than ciggies K ?

Anyone fancies "Yong Tau Foo" ? Let me know and I'll hook you up with one of the best YTF's I've ever tasted. Up to date, there are only two places that serve excellent YTF .. one in PJ Old Town's "Medan Selera" and the other in some remote place in Ampang ( REMOTE means its NOT the FAMOUS AMPANG YONG TAU FOO ).

Sauntered home after YTF and plopped onto my bed reading Harry Potter (the 3rd book the 3rd time). Interrupted myself a few times to shave my eyebrows, smoke, try on the dress I'm wearing tomorrow, smoke, back to reading, grab a drink, smoke and then decided that It's gonna be the last time I'm getting out of my comfy bed to do anything. Back to bed .. beep me there if I'm needed. Cheers ~~~~~

Saturday, July 10, 2004

me first interview!!!!

Shuh Huei woke me up at around 9 to go for the Lorea'l Sale. As much as I wanted to, somehow I just couldn't be bothered. Tried going back to sleep but the phone rang again soon after. AsianAd called me up for and Interview *wooooohoooooooo!!!* I jumped right out of bed and did a victory lap around the house like a wild boar :P

12pm .. went to teach. Nothing extraordinary about work ... a very usual day at work ... in other words boring lah ! Come to think of it, I didn't do much today. Then again I don't do much anyway hehe. My routines hardly vary. Its this to this to that to this and that and the cycle just repeats itself. After work, I came home to nap and then woke up for 1 more class at 6. Came home after work, took a shower, had dinner, went to deliver stuff to Aunty Ainul, came home, talk to mom a while ... and went to 7 to foos.

Foos foos foos ... and foos .... Adry wasn't there so me tarak partner to play coz 7 was pretttttttty quiet earlier in the evening. Went to the mamak with Jess and Errol at about 12.30, left the mamak at 1 .... came home ... someone called ... talked till 2 .... well I think i'll be able to sleep more in days to come. No more hanging on the phone till late .. I guess :)

I had a pretty good day ... managed to clear up some stuff with someone ... I guess falling in love ain't as easy as it seems :) Going to clean section 6 house before my mother attempts to DRAG me off my chair. Will write tonight =ciaOz=

Friday, July 09, 2004

Foos BoLLz

Just got home from foos. I think I might just slow down the foosing a lil ... I suppose its just not my season. Dunno why but I just don't have the mood to play ... perhaps its Foos PMS heh heh. Anyway .. I didn't go out the whole day ... helped mom with the tarts and then took a looooong nap. Delivered some tarts to Aunty Ainul and then came back for dinner. After dinner, Daniel sms-ed me to go to 7 and I replied saying I'll be there. Just as I was about to hit the shower, Charlene called me to go yumchar since she was near my place.

Darren, may you rest in peace. My condolences to Darren's mom and dad and to Win See. Its funny how small the world is. I know how it feels to lose someone you love. Oh well .. I had a pretty uneventful day and I guess I just don't feel like writing. Gonna continue playing Wordscape. Nitey Night :)

Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Joyluck Club

I nearly forgot I haven't written today. I'm actually sniffing from the very touching movie I just watched. A girl at work - Nicolle, loaned me a VCD based on the book The Joyluck Club. I've read the book before so the movie was basically bringing the book to life. At certain points of the movie, I felt like I could relate to their thoughts and feelings. After all, my mother was somewhat like a traditional chinese yet modern mother. Now I understand that sometimes, our parents do not want us to be or do something, but they are only hoping for the best in us. *sob*

I started my day with mom kicking me out of bed to go deliver pineapple tarts to Aunty Dolly for her. Nope I'm not kidding, and its not just a nickname. There really is an Aunty Dolly and mind you, she really is a doll :) After that I was battling with myself whether to go home and pick up my dreams from where I cut them off or to go and foos or to go and renew my driver's license. I did neither .. I ended up in Cheras Perdana for 'Char-Siew-Fan' with miss Mandy Koon.

Initially, we were planning to go down to Kajang to get my license done as well as find Cheng Wan and I was secretly hoping to get a chance sneak up on someone. I did neither yet again and ended up planting my fat arse on the lazy chair watching a VCD (I don't recall the name of the show .. only remember there's Ben Affleck and J-Lo) but I didn't get to finish the show coz I had to leave at 3 to run to JPJ to renew my license.

I stopped by the photo shop on the way out to get an instant photo taken and then I basically flew to PJ to catch the last number at JPJ. Its amazing how 1 day can make such a big difference. My probational driver's license ends on the 7th (today lah) so it was actually valid at the time I renewed it which meant I could only renew it for a year. If I had gone tomorrow, I could have renewed it for 5 years but decided not to go back tomorrow and just get the 1 year renewal. I'll bother about the rest next year.

Came home soon after, took a short nap when someone called me. I got up and paced the house before going back to sleep at 6 and waking up at 7 and then going straight to work and returning at 8.30 following which we had dinner and then went to Carrefour to pick up some groceries. Someone called at about 10.30 and we talked till about 12 and then I went to give mommy a massage while watching Joyluck Club. Kinda tired so I guess I'll be calling it a night. I miss this rainy weather and I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly hope these rainy days won't end :) Nite nite

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Something Hilarious Happened .....

On the way home from Low Yat Plaza. Jess and me were getting into the car to get home. The thing about Kancils is, they really have fragile handles. I think the first that went was her back-door handle and now its the front passenger side door handle that went. And if that's not bad enough, the dear car's power-window on the same side was off-allignment which made the door open when the window was winding down. At first this seemed pretty amusing .. and my dear friend decided to wind down the window to open the door for me. After I got into the car, I tried winding up the window but the glass was so badly unaligned, it just looked like it was off it's rockers. We frantically tried to get it back up but guess what, the whole piece came off the hook and fell straight into the door. We got out of the carpark and were on our way to send me back when it started to rain. A drizzle would have been nice but NO! it decided to pour. So poor Moi sat there with half her body drenched by the time we reached Sri Petaling.

And so the day went on. Jojo bought a new optical mouse and plugged it in. Soon after, I decided to seize the moment and jump into bed for a few winks with the nice cool weather. Woke up not too long after to get to work.

Kids can be irresponsible and get away with it. I wouldn't call a 15 year old girl a kid anymore. She drives me up the wall by not practising her work. And if thats bad, her work seems to get worse by the week. We've only gotten through 4 lines of a Sonatina and she just can't seem to get it. I don't like screaming at older kids .. girls especially so I just nag and boy can I nag. Thank goodness the kid after that was much better ... an angel in fact.

Went home for dinner and then to pick VJ up from the KL Sentral Monorail before heading to Mid Valley to collect our tickets for Labahman (oops I meant Spiderman) :P The movie was ok .. but I think Kristen Dunst aka Mary Jane wasn't acted out very well. The more I watch, the more I think she's spastic. No offence to her fans .. I guess I just don't think she acts that well. Then again I can't act for nuts so who am I to say ...

I just read an article about a student who was killed in a fight .. Adry told me bouttit this morning but I didn't think twice about it coz it isn't anyone I know untill Euji asked me whether I heard of a fight that broke out in Sri Hartamas. Oh well .. life is short so make full use of it and I beg and pray .. gangsterism is for kids so please ... know your priorities!

Going to read a lil bout html so that I can spice this friggin page up before you guys sleep reading through. And by the way .. Jess drove to the workshop with a black garbage bag taped to her window ... just for a while :) Goodnight

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Good morning. Its 10.30 am on my clock and I was woken up by ... the sound of life in the house *lol* I think you guys by now would wonder why am I so free to write blogs, and lengthy ones at that. Well I just finished college and I'm simply TOO free with NOTHING to do ... besides moving house heh heh. I need a job but I'm just to lazy to get my ass out there and look for a job. Then again I'm not desperate enough to go knocking on people's doors asking them whether they need a janitor *giggle*

Jessica Choong Chui Ling is making her way over from Taman Tun to find me for breakfast about I dunno what about my cookies .... a business opportunity perhaps ? :) Mom is baking tarts today which means I'll probably spend the day packing or cleaning or something else that mom deems fruitful, which reminds me I need to do the laundry. I've saved about 1 week's worth of laundry up till today (No wonder I've run out of clothes to wear). The weather seems nice and sunny. With all that rain in KL, I hope today will be a hot sunny day so that I can dry my clothes in peace.

Whats your favourite Mamak ? My current fave is the one next to 7-11 in Sri Petaling. It serves excellent Nasi Lemak and well sometimes it can become a babe fest ... babes in pyjamas mind you :P Anyhow, I picked VJ up from the Brickfields Monorail last night and sent him home to shower. While there, I chatted with Jasmine, his landlord cum housemate cum best friend's sister. We couldn't make too much noise because baby Ben was sleeping. After VJ habis mandi, we went to our favourite old town mamak, the one on a corner oppositte the market. I think that mamak will be my regular joint when I move over to section 6.

Gonna run to the shower while waiting for Jess to get here and then chuck some clothes into the washer. ta Ta

Monday, July 05, 2004

A very Dusty Day

Moving house is no joke. Cleaning a house left by bachelors is worse. I'm moving to Section 6 PJ (near the dreaded roundabout) soon, after we clear the mess in that house. I've been trying to adjust my biological clock back to normal so I woke up after 8 hours of sleep. Took a shower and then banked in my cheque (which still hasn't cleared even though its a house cheque) and then headed of to my future home.

The house has been left quite empty since my sister moved to JB. Ok let me just explain ... The house is basically my aunt's house, who moved to a bigger house in Bangsar. After she moved, the house was empty. My sister doesn't like living at home so my aunt initially just asked her to house-sit the house. Eventually, Ju (my sister) moved in there and has been calling it home for quite some time now.

Over the years, a couple of bachelors moved in to occupy the other 2 rooms. I don't know why they left but they certainly left the house in a mess when they did. The rooms are actually quite empty as I'm sure the bachelors made sure they brought everything with them when they left.

The house is a pretty normal double storey terrace, with 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms. Now I mentioned earlier it was my aunt's old house. When she moved out, she brought a great deal of things over, and left a great deal of things behind. There is a small guest room downstairs which is locked with things piled to the ceiling. Its just mom and me so I guess we can make do with one room less. However, there still is a lot of other things that aren't ours in the house and they're simply scattered all over the place. We just can't throw out other people's things now can we ... ?

Mom and I get to the house, look around many many many times and still can't figure out what to do or where to start. Mom then decides to clear out the porch and the garden. Now I don't think anyone will miss weeds while they're gone right ? And so I swept up the porch and mom pulled out lots of weeds, wild plants and god knows what else. Then we went upstairs and there is a small tiny store-room there. Guess what we find there ? No its not a corpse or a bag of money, neither is it anything creepy. Its newspapers. 3 years worth of newspapers to be precise. Nope, no kidding. There was so much of paper you just don't know how to get rid of them. There wasn't a window we could toss it down from so that left us with one choice - carry them downstairs and then wait for the 'paper lama' guy to come get it.

By the time we got to the newspaper part, the dust had gotten to me so bad I was wheezing, sneezing and coughing like a mad pig. I couldn't carry any more papers and had to just sit down and drink water. Thats how bad dust can get to me. Finally managed to persuade mom to leave before the jam builds up. Got home at around 5 and I just knocked out flat on the bed because the allergy by then got me tearing and coughing badly. I just woke up not too long ago feeling much better.

I'm excited about moving to PJ. When I do, I'll be closer to some friends and who knows, maybe even to work. Its also gonna be very near to church, and much nearer to Subang ;)Whats in Subang ? foosball of course ! Come to think of it, I haven't played since Friday. I will probably be having a drink with VJ tonight so maybe I'll go foos tomorrow .... yeah sounds like a good plan.

I think I'll sign off for now and go watch some telly while mom is cooking. Cherrio :)

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Yay ! I made it to day 2

The day started at 8.30 am when my student, Rachael kindly gave me a wake-up call for work scheduled at 9. I dragged myself out of bed very reluctantly and jumped into the very cold shower and then staggered off to work at 9. And so thats how my day started .. at the music school. For those who don't know yet, I teach piano for a side income. It wasn't just a temporary - short term job because I've been at it for about 5 years and I'm proud to say I've managed to bring a few students up to where they are now from scratch and I'm happy to have such loyal students.

Initially, I thought I'll just be condemned to torturing little BRATS. I think I frightened off a few with my rather moody approach ( i.e venting my anger at them when I had a rough day ) But I'm also thankful to have some matured students who just don't get on my nerves. I wouldn't say I have a favourite student, but if Rachael, Huei Wenn and Carolyn read this, I must say you guys have really given me the strength to carry on teaching all these years. (damn I sound old)

Remember in school, teachers would give us countless forms to fill up about our ambitions and aspirations. In primary school, I aspired to be a doctor or a lawyer. In secondary school, I wanted to become a musician or a teacher. Maybe I didn't fulfill my earlier hopes of becoming a doctor or a lawyer, but I did get a little experience of the medicine world when I joined the St. Johns Ambulance cadets in secondary school. I also got a chance to put my debating skills to action in secondary 4 when I came to the dreaded Sri Petaling School. It was a good experience because after that, I flushed all intententions of a medical venture or a career as a lawyer down the drain. It just wasn't my cuppa. I've always been a musical kid ... well a kid with musical inclinations. Nope I'm not a baby genius of any sort, just an un-tone deaf kid. From JMC lessons in Yamaha up till grade 8 piano, I kinda liked music. My last piano teacher in Sri Petaling asked whether I would like to give teaching a try and so I did. One became two, two became four and now I'm proud to be a teacher of 10. Although I might not be the best teacher in the world, but I suppose I can't be that bad because I do have students who have been with me since day one!

Teaching has taught me a lot of things. First is patience, second is punctuality. I don't do private lessons because my first attempt at it was pretty bad and I don't wanna go there right now. Patience because some children just get on your nerves. I would have to blame their upbringing or maybe their spoilt nature but I'm only a teacher and I can't choose my students now can I ? At one point, I was pretty sure I would excell in Children's Psychology because none of my students were alike, physically and mentally.

Anywayz, I finished teaching at about lunchtime and then came home. Mandy and Jon came over and we all went for dim sum near my place. Dim Sum was alright ... sad to say I don't have a camera right now so I can't take pictures of my meals *grin*
After 'brunch' , we proceeded to one utama for a 'hang-kai' session cum visit to foto-shang's camera fair. Mandy wanted to get a digicam to bring back to Aussie with her. I'm still broke so I didn't spend on anything besides contributing RM 1 for the parking :)

After one U, we came back to Ee-Ee-Fatt, the neighbourhood chinese joint for some scrumptious fake birds nest and some other good stuff. *burp* excuse me, but burping is after all an action of contemptment and gratitude (hahaha).

JOJO .. JOJO ... JOJO ... oh thats Jon and Mandy calling me to go downstairs and play Mahjongg. I think the rest of my days will be spent mastering the game of mahjongg. I do have mommy as a good sifu :) Signing off for now. Have a nice chilly evening Brrrrr :)

Saturday, July 03, 2004

What a Day

It took a lot of thought before I finally decided to write a blog. My previous attempts at writing a diary have failed and I soon would need to clear up those incomplete books. I'm sitting here with Cheng Wan snoring behind me in my very messy computer room staring at the screen thinking of what to write. It is after all my first attempt at a blog and I wonder how long I would survive this attempt.

The snoring stops, I turn around .. he just turned. I hope the sound of me typing doesn't wake him up. I still can't figure out what I want to do today. I surprisingly received my paycheck rather early but I would still need to wait till monday before I get to see the cash so till then .. I'm still B R O K E !!

Vifa Championships start today. Vifa by-the-way stands for the Valley International Foosball Association to be held from the 3rd (today) till 5th of July at Breakers Sri Hartamas. For those who don't know me yet, foosball is my latest addiction and well ... you could say passion. Its a fun game that comprises of 26 plastic men, 9 balls, metal rods and wooden handles played by 2 or more humans controlling the 13 men each.

I can usually be found playing foosball every other day at Club 7 in SS15 Subang. As most people know, most of my hard earned money goes towards funding my addiction. At least foos isn't as expensive as cars or as dangerous as pot right ? I'm even cutting down on the cigga sticks to save up for a few games of foos. Maybe I'll write about ways to save money in future :)

Spiderman ... I tried Leisure Mall on Thursday night but tickets for the night were almost sold out leaving the first-row seats available with no takers. I'm not that desperate to watch man in a rubber suit yet so I might try my luck later, as soon as CW wakes up.

By the way Cheng Wan is kinda like a brother to me. No he's not my bf .. he's just a little then a month younger than me and we're well like siblings. He doesn't have a sister and I don't have a brother. He's quite cute so girls, If you're interested ...... :P

Brrr ... what to write what to write .. Its 3.18 pm at this point and I haven't had breakfast or lunch. I slept pretty well last night so I don't really feel tired. Think jo .. I can't play chor tai tee or mahjongg alone now can I ? Maybe I'll just leave CW here and run off to PJ to deliver the cookies, get some moolah and come home quietly. Maybe he wouldn't even know I was gone. *lightbulb*

Yes yes I will do that ... I'll probably be back later .................. Signing Off!